Guess the Blogger Pose, Part I
 Extra Repeller points if you one of you mangos can guess which personal style blogger I am copy pasting?
Fine, I’ll tell you. 
It’s Rumi Neely!

Why is Rumi always crawling the floors…

doing acrobatic stunts clad in 6 inch wedges…

flaling body parts around in a way that suggests she is dying…

hitting on dead people…

and eating tuna melts or McDonalds on the pages of her style diary blog Fashiontoast?

Whoopsie Daisy Dukes, that’s me and my falafel. I’m so Rumi chic.

Back to the aforequestioned questions. Perhaps because she is a modern day bat woman.

Rumi is my bread and butter. The substance of which my soul is made. I love her dark abysmal guts. So, as homage to her Man Repelling ways, I played a game of copy cat (with who, you ask? Why, myself, of course) and sprawled my legs out against the floor while eating a tuna wrap. Unfortunatey my brass knuckles, leopard ninja scarf and hangover-meets-the-blind blackout shades were on lay away.

I am wearing crotch pinching leopard shorts though.

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  • the wedges are pretty sweet,…nice leopard shorts


  • make-up seems to be a really important part of her eating process…

    I'm so inspired by this that i'm gonna go eat my breakfast while doing the splits

  • Anonymous

    i hope your vageen is okay.

    xo Emily

  • NEED these shoes now. please. seriously. now. who are they?

  • I can get down with someone who eats a sandwich that aggressively, goodness knows I do. I always make sure to get some on my shirt too! Not sure if you're totally talking shit or being cute, and I think that mystery is what I like most!

  • Anonymous

    This was brilliant! Please do more blogger parodies!

  • I've only just discovered Rumi but already I can see those uncanny similarities to which you're alluding!!! You better get out and buy a shiny table now!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA! Classic.

    She will be all like yeah, like, whatever, so what, you know, that you have better legs. Dude.

  • those shoes are unbelievaballs – where can I get them?!

    'Rachel in Australia'

  • the shoes are alex wang fella repellas! get em while they're hot

  • L

    Have to admit, this is darn funny. Thanks for the laughs!

  • You need a reality tv show. NOW!

  • Is

    Rumi's 'floor' is so shiny, it must be a dresser or a table or something – because, really, how could she ever walk on that in the amount of heels she wears?

  • I'm working on a crawling on the floor post as we speak! In this case it's because I don't have furniture in my new place yet. But most of the time I have no excuse whatsoever. Though you aren't as heavily accessorized as I would have liked I am impressed that you are simultaneously eating and sprawling.

    And Is – it was a piece of glass on a dresser.

  • She looks like Mary-Kate in that leopard head band one… leopard head band?!

    anyways.. love your blog!!

  • Loving your brown scarf from your falafel-eating photo.
    Where's it from, so come winter, I can repel men with multiple layers that also hide my face?


  • you're so epic!! please do more of these!! would love to see you copy more of your fave bloggers!

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