A Correspondence Betwixt A Man Repeller and Her Counterpart

In an email correspondence between my partner in crime and me, several profound and fundamental subjects were covered. This obviously includes the heavily reduced prices at our Mecca, Netaporter.com (and P.S. our favorite Arabian night inspired DVF harem pants are running for a mere $50!,) the social media networks that have replaced our social lives– (this conversation went something like this, “You’re lucky you were still sleeping when I found the photo evidence on facebook at 6am this morning.” “I know, I’m sorry. Please don’t blast an angry tweet, I don’t know how much more systematic bullying I can take,”) and my hair, my awesome Keratined hair. You may find yourself wondering why I’m sharing this? Because it’s funny. You don’t think so? That’s a shame.

Anyway, among the e-mails, we unknowingly wrote up an entire summer lust list. Take a peek below.

The first image isn’t as much a lust list photo as it is a picture of myself participating in douche baggery.

ManRepeller #1: This is what I”m wearing today. Do I look okay?

Man Repeller #2’s response: You have an affinity for making every outfit Man Repelling. 
Man Repeller #1’s rebuttal to the response: And I love avocado.
Man Repeller #2 while surfing the pages of LoefflerRandall.com: Why do I love these boots? With a white t shirt, jeans, big blazer and a chunky necklace? SO GOOD.
Do you hear yourself, counterpart? Big blazer? Chunky necklace? Leopard print shoes? The only thing worse than wearing extinct animal prints on your body is wearing extinct animal prints on your feet. Fail, weener-fender, big fail. (Read: order them. Now.)
Man Repeller #1: I want a maxi mini dress…like a dyslexic mullet, eh? Business in the back…party in the FRONT!

And then, Man Repeller #2 sent this image, with nothing attached…because nothing says “do me” like a buttoned-up crop top and harem sweatpants…you know how much she loves her harem sweatpants. 
And here’s an update: from the dressing room to the cash register. Thank you, Barneys New York, you’ve facilitated many a Man Repelling eve for the summer with Alexander Wang’s sweater shirt and APC’s leopard booty shorts.
or more accurately: a page out of Fred Flinstone‘s book.

I probably won’t make your Bed Rock. Apologies.
(note the double pun…Bieber fever!)

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  • ahaha dyslexic mullet! your words are pure genius

  • hahaha, leopard shoes outfit doesnt sound so bad…yes avocados are amazing, the pants not so much…



  • haha you're hilarious!! men totally won't get those green pants, but i want them sooo bad. and actually you might get a few second glances with the mullet maxi..

  • Is it wrong that I think you look good in those pants and white bratop?

  • where on earth is the mullet dress from? i heart it

  • Kate Moss for Topshop!

  • Wilted Orchids