Channeling Famous Figures

I steal inspiration from street style sites on the regular. This is indubitably one of the leading reasons I don’t fornicate on the regular. In any case, while practicing my daily virtual pilgrimage to the fantastical pages of Stylesightings, Mr. Newton and of course, HEL Looks this AM, I noticed an interesting trending pattern. Holy emulate! People are starting to look more and more like cartoon characters, political figures, singers and the like. See below.

Elmo spotted at Paris Fashion Week. He’s kind of a big deal.

Extra Repel points if you could tell us: which one is the polar bear and which one is the human dressed up like a polar bear?

Update: my co-worker just asked me why his tongue is purple…to that I say, WHY IS THAT WOMAN DRESSED LIKE HIM?

There’s good news and bad news about your strive to be Minnie Mouse. The good news is: Minnie Mouse never repelled Mickey Mouse. The bad news is: he’s a mouse, you’re a human.

Feminist vagina lovers, rejoice! Karla of Karla’s Closet and Hillary Clinton have more in common than just good looks and some well-educated ideas about how to deal with the Gaza infiltration. Bright pant suits!

Behold: the ying to my yang. While the harem-style drop crotch jumpsuit may break the barometer on the Man Repel-o-meter, I bid one question. Do your shoes get fed treats when they’re on good behavior? Alas, another case of Petco-inspired footwear.

 Last week, I asked my rabbi where he buys his hats. I speculate the broad to the right of him had a similar experience with her rabbi.

 I am pretty sure if not positive that nothing makes a man want to bang a female more than thinking “oh yes, I have Charlie Chaplin in bed with me.”

Hair twins! Is your head the only place your hair looks like that? We speculate negative. It seems as though I was wrong. Harem pants are not the safest form of contraception, channeling Tina Turner is.

And last,

 This little butthead, otherwise known as myself, is channeling the floral curtains that once adorned her grandmother’s windows.

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  • Erm. The Tina Turner one… that's a man. He's repelling himself!

  • Very Angela Bower (your florals)! That means you are totally the boss 🙂

  • im obsessed with this post!

  • incredible finds/linking between fail inspirations… people really need to stop seeking cartoon characters as a dress code or considering any year between 1980-1994 as a good look.

  • have a major crush on you!

    this post made me happy and you are a dollface – keep rockin the mic young fresh

  • looove the rabbi hat!! 🙂

  • You're hilarious! Love your posts haha.
    The mickey mouse one – priceless.

  • please note the left hand of charlie's imitator… hasn't quite made it into a peace sign. hahah. great post!

  • Anonymous

    You look adorable with green hair

  • Your links to…which is porn or something…..

    btw. u rule..

  • julie

    Ok, i have been up since 2am and reading every one of your post (btw its 10:31 as i write). I never comment on blogs but should i say that this is the most TRUTHFUL & FEARLESS blog ever….
    Just posted this fashion issues and the way you have dissected each and every one of this blunders on my facebook group. Hope you dont mind.