And Silly Me, How Did I Forget?
International style icon Isabella Blow and Limo driver Lloyd
Behold: the copycat of all emulators, the boner killer of all mediocre-sized weeners, the mushroom cut. We take Jim Carrey‘s shroom-groom with a grain of salt. After all, he was playing the role of a slightly moronic tool basket circa Dumb & Dumber. But uh, hey Isabella, what’s your excuse?

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  • I can understand that you want to be funny and usually you are. I love your blog but you really should have more reverence for the dead. Isabella Blow was more fabulous than any of us could ever imagine. Have some respect.

  • Not getting it here, and I usually have a good laugh at your entries- Isabella actually looks gorgeous, and she often dressed in clothes that weren't man-repelling at all (wasp waist + cleavage are surely things that guys like?)

  • I don't want to be unpolite, but in Hollywood Jim Carey is the personification of the stupidity, I mean look his face, and you realize that is true.

  • Jessephant

    I love the hair cut it is very Izzy and anyway she was a fashion pioneer so she is bound to get some stick somewhere along the line.Individualisim is just that, individual aka not for everyone. (except I literally just got that hair cut, not as severe but still quite Joanofarchy); )

  • robertwalker

    I would prefer not to be unpolite, yet in Hollywood Jim Carey is the representation of the idiocy, I mean look his face, and you understand that is valid….. Checkout my blog post Generic Viagra