Your Lipstick is Poppin, His Pants are Not
Still stuck in the hay day of Elizabeth Taylor-pre-Paxil and all things Old Hollywood? Same. A newsflash to us: these big red lips are actually big red man repellers.

We know, Chloe wears the cherry popsicle stain look so it has to be cool. Cool, yes. Sexy? No. In fact, we have proof: In an extremely scientific survey of all men everywhere, when asked if red lips equaled babe, or boner killer, a whopping 85% chose the latter.

via Sartorialist

Keep smirking, Rouge Lips-on-the-Left. There may indeed be a man who can look past your black chewbacca jacket*, see your chopped hair as Natalie Portman-esque and ignore the turban** on your head, but your ginger friend will end up having the last laugh. Know why?
Because your
red pucker is a boner stop sign.
Lip lacquered ladies, we write out of camaraderie***. A sort of ya-ya sisterhood of the traveling crimson, if you will. I personally have been known to sport red on many occasions:

See? I’m right there with you, puckering up (bad) and sporting a bow-tie/ascot around my neck (worse). And see that glass of champagne in my hand? It’s stained with lipstick and raised to you, fellow Man Repellers. Cheers.

Sincerely, Read My Lips: I’m A Man Repeller

Obligatory disclaimers:
*I am lusting over said black chewbacca jacket
**Are turbans considered asshats?
editor note: Yes
***editor note pt. 2: guest blogger RougeLip spelled camaraderie as comraderie. Asshat.
***guest blogger rebuttal: Baxter you know I can’t speak Spanish. Dropcrotch.

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  • Have you ever considered that all women aren't pale and blonde vampire types? Just saying that some of us who were born with a bit more melanin in our skin are hot mamacitas when we wear red.

  • Sheria-

    Point taken. Rock your red without worrying about repelling men! What's your favorite shade/brand? Thanks for reading!

    (PS- I don't have blonde hair but I do consider myself twilight zone white, and I still wear red lips proudly.)

  • do you know why do women paint their lips? – I saw this in a documentary – after an orgasm our lips turn darker ("redder"), so in that way it ShOuLd be estimulating for men (unconsciously…). I'm not saying that it does works that way, but at least it should for most men…

  • sofia- weird! i never knew that. nars makes a lipstain called O that turns your lips this "natural" color.

  • lol …I agree to a certain extent with this as men don't want red all over their faces but on occasion, my husband asks me to put on red lipstick just to see my red lips wrapped around his cock. 🙂

  • If it adorns the face, it's fine.

    If it is a shrieking advertisement for red, lipstick, or red lipstick, it's not.

    Like perfume:
    "Mmmmm, you smell GOOD"=just enough.

    "Hey! Nice Perfume"=too much.

  • MAC makes a lipstick that does not come off on glasses or napkins. And it really works.
    Reds are stimulating to males; I saw the same documentary on PBS.

  • Anonymous

    turbans arent hats?
    calling a turban a hat would be like calling a yarmukle a hat.

  • Anonymous

    I am a man and red lips are sexy!

  • Anonymous

    You're way off on this one. Pink/Red lips ARE a turn-on. Pale, flesh colored lips (aka. fashionable) are a piece of limp weany insurance.
    Read The Naked Ape.

  • Anonymous

    I was with a guy and we were just at that stage of the first kiss and he said to me,, wow is that red lip stick red. I guess he wasn't into the bright red lipstick.. I wear MAC Russian Red. Maybe it is too bright.

  • Anonymous

    i hate red lipstick =) my skin is pale and i do look like a vampire like someone said

  • Olivia

    I know that this is almost four years old so I’m a little late to hop on the commenting ship BUT it came up in suggested posts and I have the perfect theory to add. A male friend of mine told me this theory that he and his friends had come up with that really impressed me, that basically if a girl is wearing red lipstick on a night out she is in a NO GO zone. BECAUSE as slow as men are they’ve figured out that if a girl is wearing coloured lipstick and decides to kiss someone, it’s going to get all over both of their faces and that’s embarrassing for everyone involved. Knowing that women are very intelligent and have already figured this out, they deduced that a girl wearing red lipstick is a) already attached and/or b) not interested in anything more than a conversation. And so assuming that said men are generally not interested in anything other than finding a hook up for one night (and given that I’m 20 this is mostly true for the boys I know), red lipstick is therefore a man repelling tool.