You Look Confused
We love Christina Centenera just as much as the next Man Repeller but there is something to be said about Stockholm Streetstyle’s finding her at Place Vendome ca. last fashion week.
Like…when you got dressed that morning did you keep in mind that your day may have included a short trip to Alaska between the Balenciaga and McQueen shows? Were you going to stop at the gym on the way? Did you actually change out of your nightwear upon exiting your hotel room? Will your day time excursion include a trip to a wild African rain forest? Are there rain forests in Africa? You may want to remove your furry shoulder pads before proceeding. We hear its hot on that continent.

And just one more friendly note: white aviator frames.

Fine, one more: getting street style photographed means you are man repelling. Hard.

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  • Harem pants make me really want to throw up. I FUCKING hate them. HATE. HATE. HATE….. Whew, one more… HATE.

  • yeah …I have a few similar pairs of pants/sweats like that and my husband literally HATES THEM …he asks me why I choose to unflatter my body so much ….at least she's showing a bit of torso action there …that MAY sway the men a bit. hilarious commentary.

  • Anonymous

    Urgh, fur is disgusting. No need for fur.

  • Anonymous

    I just spit hot tea all over my laptop while reading this post!! Too funny…

    I don't know what the deal is with sweat pants these days. Get totally dressed to the nines and then take off whatever was between your waist and ankles and replace that with a pair of sweat pants?! Maybe the last-minute change is a result of people about to run out the door, but then go the bathroom on the way out of the house, and–oops, Aunt Flo is here. Well, better get comfortable, girls, and pull on those sweats.

  • Wow! You are funny! This site is quite reassuring to me. I used to love fashion but these days I just don't get much of it it. So I appreciate your talking it out with us here.

  • Roberta

    I think its fun, funky and comfortable…She’s making a fashion statement and she looks confident pulling it off!!!