The Wang that Will Repel All Other Wangs

Just when we thought the Wang that would repel all other wangs had outdone himself, he proves us wrong.
Wondering what’s going on in the image above? It’s a “silky army skirt with front tie!” Duh. We’d rather call it the most atrocious sartorial fail in the history of fatigue but uh, army skirt with front tie is fine too. Think about what’s going on here. It’s a shirt. But a skirt. Made for those of us who can’t decide whether or not we feel like wearing a shirt and skirt? How about wearing both? Or neither. It’s also oh so versatile. See below.

Not only because you can un-tie the arms and let your buttons work their magic, it can also make for a good riddle. And riddles rock. We’re thinking “what walks on two legs, survives on no food, has cat-eyes, four arms and is human?” “Why, Nimue Smit in Alexander Wang’s army skirt, of course.”
Disclaimer: I own this bad boy.

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  • Why is wang so popular, his shit sucks


  • Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate.

  • NO, his stuff doesn't suck, He! That's not our intention with these posts!

  • That is so Tavi!

  • Anonymous

    Forget the skirt… What's going on with those socks – toes??

  • nah not a fan…sorry man repellers


  • Thats A NEHRU SHIRT, i love them so classy. But i think the ties should be in the back or off to the side…. Its a cool concept but the shirt should be skimpy for balance and body.