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Several weeks ago, Man Repeller was approached by an editor at AOL’s lifestyle blog, Lemondrop to do a guest post documenting a few of the most man repelling fashion items women love and men loathe. Naturally, we were on that shit like white on rice, yellow on submarine, woman on Loub.

So, I put together 9 of the most man repelling fashion items on da planet and formulated an article. Once it went live, I noticed how editorialized the article had become, having cleaned up all the pre-approved profanity I implemented (boner, vagina, fuck and the like) and having added a few baby snippets. I let it go because I’m just an asshat with a blog and these ladies know their steeeze. I later learned they had cleaned up the article because the post would be featured on’s homepage! And that it was! Yesterday! Kool! With a K!

Below, a few of my favorite comments from readers:

You are a tasteless moron.
Call me!

You’re like 9 years old, right?

I was amused to read that she thinks that she is a natural man-repellant. She is a good comedy writer. From my life experience, I seem to be a man-attractant. *lol* Men seem to come on to me in grocery stores, at outings, and, really, at times when I don’t even think I look good.
Sweet. You must shop at Bebe, or Guess.

The repelling thing about that girl is having someones mustache for eyebrows!
You should have seen them before I started picking them!

Is there anything funnier than a woman telling other women what men look for in fashion?
Yes. A man telling a woman she is his princess alien bitch in bed.

Because they’re repelling men through their sartorial choices, duh.

Let the puppies breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, let the puppies breathe.

As far as the ethnicity of the writer, she could be a very fine-featured Greek girl or a beautiful Middle Eastern princess. But, since we can only see her from the armpits up, we can’t be sure she’s not sporting some harem pants herself.
I was actually sporting parachute pants and the worst man repeller of all: a baby bump. JK, I don’t consummate.

You can read the full article and more importantly, the comments here.

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  • i seriously love your blog. you have such a good sense of humor. 😀

  • 'JK, I don't consummate' had me laughing into my tea 🙂 I'm so using that one at some point in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn't give a shit about what men think of the clothes I wear, but I love this site.

    Also: "A man telling a woman she is his princess alien bitch in bed." DETAILS PLEASE!

  • haha congrats on the article, the comments are great!


  • the author of the fifth aol comment has missed the point of the article completely. and not only that, he or she does not realize that women telling other women what men do and don't like is a multi-million dollar a year industry (see: cosmopolitan, glamour, et al).
    additionally, your brows are lovely.

  • I was DYING reading the comments about your article.. laughing so hard and reading them outloud to my husband.. while wearing my dropcrotch harem pants. I don't think a single commenter got the point of the article or the point of your blog.

    And I totally wish they had left in all your boners and vagina's etc…

    Basically.. you rock <3

  • you're brilliant!

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe some of the comments! When I saw your picture the first thing I thought was how pretty you are.
    I'm glad this was featured on AOL because I have a new favorite blog now!

  • If women are dressing for other women, then why is your blog focused on men's taste?

  • Someone on Jezebel linked to this and I sweartogod your reference to it just made me snort water out of my nose.

    Which is to say: excellent blog!

  • Anonymous

    Moustache for eyebrows? Hardly. Your eyebrows are perfect IMO. She must have eyebrowexia She just can't get them thin enough!!!

  • I wish I had your eyebrows.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao. Funny arse blog!

  • HAHHAA! "The repelling thing about that girl is having someones mustache for eyebrows"
    I for one want eyebrows that resemble a big furry snail trail on a middle aged man. Am currently using brow pencil to achieve this look. On that note I have been single for 2 years…
    peace out Chief Man Repeller

  • OH. MY. GOSH. you are you so fucking funny.

    seriously, i love that you call yourself out. those bitches ain't shit but hoes & tricks. (that's a song…….. I hope you already know that though.)

    anyway, i like you.

    Bloggy Love,
    Princess Alien Bitch

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  • Jules

    You are so funny!!!

  • How rude are some people? Seriously that is disgusting. My eldest sister and I talk often about how people need to remember to only say something online that they would say to someones face. Or what our mothers always say “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”.