Miranda Kerr Gives New Meaning to Boyfriend Jeans

And which boyfriend did you steal these from? Fat bastard?

Though I’ve said my own pants are so roomy they could shelter an army, I’d like to retract that statement and replace it here.

Miranda Kerr is an accepted goddess, universal sex symbol if you will. Congratulations to the styling team behind this story for deflating every rising penis within a 5 mile radius of this photo.

And here’s the big catch: I saw this photo as part of another blogger’s inspiration board. Inspiration board!

She wasn’t using it in a Jared-from-Subway kind of way.

And with that, I wish you a happy Friday.

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  • I think you have the ideas of what men like way off. Yes I am sure a good deal of men out there go for the more traditional "female" look. As for me and I am sure many others I prefer the more relaxed or boyish look.
    First off it tells me that she knows how to be herself and not just following the fashion trend. It can also say hey, I'm not a gold digging ****.
    Often times those outfits look so much better and a good deal sexier. With a traditional outfit for a woman there usually isn't much to the imagination. I can't begin to describe how turned on I am when a women is wearing something relaxing and I catch an accidental patch of belly. Just makes it much more intriguing.

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  • Karen

    Is that really Miranda Kerr? She doesn't look like Miranda to me.

    Your Fat Bastard line was priceless. Seriously, nobody wants to date a boyfriend who'd wear pants like those.

    My boyfriend likes when I when more demurely. He's not into blatant sexiness. Glad there are some men who don't need women to look like hookers.

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  • Anonymous

    i like where you're going with this, but seriously – who the hell where's harem pants? it's not high fashion, i don't care how big the price tag is… i'm a woman, i love clothes, and i know how to dress my body… but i wouldn't be caught dead in those hideous things… and when i see a so-called "fashionista" wearing a pair that obviously cost BUCKS, i laugh at them…

  • Anonymous

    I just bought a pair of sass and bide boyfriend jeans… I am in love with them… they have a huge baggy crotch… but I will never give them up!

    I am currently single

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAH DIED…. fucking died… at the fat bastard comment. Amazing.

  • i appreciate a fashionista that can actually spell out her candor correctly.

    i can excuse confusions about "to, two, and too"s, but where's vs. wears? da fuck?

  • haha!!!! i love this post! i couldn't stop laughing! .. i still am 😀

  • you're amazing…and hilarious. thx.

    ana b of dmvsgotstyle.com

  • MKP

    Haha. Although I think she still fails to be man repelling.


  • Madiha Zahra Choksi


  • Grace

    MR was joking and heads up: miranda kerr doesn’t wear this in real life, it’s an editorial.

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