Onesies and Top Knots and Jean…Oh My!

Three words, one preposition.

Lesbian linebacker in denim.

We’re going to assume you spotted the denim explosion above at a vintage shop in some remote out-of-city town. The squiggly adornments and built-in shoulder pads were giving you a Lady Boner so you gathered the full $28.47 to buy it. Well, consider this: it’s likely that the jacket belonged to a gay man, John Stamos, or a gay man channeling John Stamos in the early 1980’s. And you know what they say about gay men, the ’80s and John Stamos, right?

Neither do we, but there has to be something.

Disclaimer: I may or may not own the black onesie above and to make matters worse- when wearing said onesie, I cuff the ankles and wear nude brogues. Oh also, I have a really similar version of the John Stamos jacket in an even lighter wash.

*editor note: If every word I said could make you laugh, I’d talk forever.

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  • Anonymous

    The look is awful, but let's face it. We all would have done John Stamos in the 80's – guys, gals, gay or lesbian. He was hot.

  • WhackusBackus

    Um, I'd still do Uncle Jesse right now.