Getting Street Style Photographed= Your Outfit is Man Repelling

As I was flipping through the virtual pages of Mr. Newton’s street style blog I noticed a trending pattern in the ridiculousness (Read: Animal and tribal prints, construction boots) of the photographs displayed. Then I thought about the other street style blogs I frequent and the girls who appear on them which inevitably brought me to the conclusion that getting photographed by a street style photographer is code that your outfit is man repelling.

Below, what I assume these ladies were thinking when they got dressed the morning of their respective photo ops.

Girl 1: I’m going to try my luck with construction boots, knit knee highs, fish nets, an acid washed mini, a faux flannel, and fur. Now, let me perfect my asshat smile in the mirror in case someone photos me.

Girl 2: I found this jacket on the set of Sesame Street and look! I was right, it looks fantastic under the full length jumpsuit I found at that flea market in Nigeria. [Hours later] Well, I got kicked out of the Dior show but hey! at least this photographer saw promise in me.

Girl 3: I am an asshole, how can my sartorial choices depict this? :::Lightbulb::: two layers of leopard print!

*note: I believe you “forgot” to inform readers about the time you got street style photographed a few weeks ago when we spent the afternoon purchasing man repelling outfits in Soho. Your outfit consisted of a shapeless chain-printed dress, black high-top studded converse, a leather trench and your hair in faux-Princess Leia bun pinned to the side of your head. I rest my case.

*rebuttal: I also left out the incident that included my silk drop crotch harem pants, a gray cropped sweater and my beloved nude suede heels…the ones that resemble Helios, horse of Hercules far more than any pair of shoes (or anything unmammal related, really) should. My point being: *bell shaped floral blazer made from grandma’s curtains ca. 1956.*

*rebuttal to the rebuttal: My bell shaped floral blazer made from grandma’s curtains ca. 1956 is sensational.

*rebuttal to the rebuttal’s rebuttal: true.

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  • its really too bad, that no one ever takes these ppls pictures and then bashes them on the website the next day…this post is hysterical, your humor is great…


  • Awesome blog, never saw a blog on the topic of man-repelling style, but it needed to be done.

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  • In this age of fear…fear of being understood and of understanding…it seems that being noticed (in a possitive or negative way) has become the standard by which we live…

  • Might want to mention to aspiring fashion photographees that standing pigeon-toed makes you look vaguely handicapped, confused and like you have to pee.

    Very sexy.

  • Anonymous

    How about instead of changing what you wear because men don't "approve", why not find a man who isn't shallow and loves you for who YOU are? Your style is apart of you.
    Not all of these are even fashion don'ts. Leopard print can be really nice if you pull it off, same with boyfriend blazers and mixed prints.
    Dress your own way, and find a guy who can appreciate your style!

    Besides… my boyfriend loves me in a rhomper. (:

  • Anonymous

    Even faux fur coat says it's ok to kill an animals just to make clothes from it. Does eveyone know they skin animals alive to make things out of their fur? It's cruel, horrible, disgusting, and sick, please don't even wear the faux fur……

  • people who comment anonymously are lame

  • PixieChild

    Dude, I heart leopard print, especially when there are layers of it. Men may come and be repelled but leopard print will always be king because of just how ridiculous it is.

  • The first outfit would be okay if she wasn't wearing a fake animal carcass and if the skirt and her facial expression weren't so douchey. I really like the construction boots + thigh-highs (but I'm a woman…does that make me man repellent?) And the third one could potentially be attractive.

    Your blog is hilarious but I'm not sure how to feel about it! It seems a little misogynistic.

  • Anonymous


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