MRDJ: There’s a Party In Your Pants. Literally.
Image via Shopbop

The Man Repeller du Jour appears in the form of sequined board shorts. Consider sequined board shorts for a moment.

In the event you intend to surf in said sequined board shorts, be careful. A wipe out may leave you under the sea, blending in with the scaley fish around you.

And in the event you intend to socialize in the sequined board shorts, be careful. A densely populated bar, filled with attractive men giving you little to no attention may leave you feeling down on yourself…blending in with all the other assholes who think every eve is New Years Eve.

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  • still making He laugh


  • it finally all makes sense. i'm an MR and i didn't even know it. evidence below.

    i own the following
    1. sequin board shorts
    2. drop crotch black jersey jumpsuit
    3. more than one item of acid washed denim
    and i 'ppreciate a top knot.

  • I tweeted about those yesterday, duh

  • Anonymous

    cool blog!