MRDJ: J Brand’s Cargo Pants Sold Out, But Balmain’s Didn’t

For many a Man Repeller, spring didn’t live up to its boner killing potential…J Brand’s $230 Houlihan cargo pants sold out in virtually every department store on this island.

Naturally, Net-a-porter found a solution and now, with Balmain’s leather cargo pants you too can have pockets the size of large tumors growing out of the sides of your pants.
At $6,450 a pop, we can’t imagine why these bad boys haven’t sold out yet. Pair them with a fantastic military jacket, like the chain-epaulette cotton jacket below,

And not only will your leg tumors be dancing with your knees, but you may or may not stir some serious controversy.

The King of Pop, not dead? Oh, it’s Rihanna? No, no it’s not.

Not Man Repelling per say, but definitely child repelling, parent repelling, decent human repelling…Chris Brown repelling?

On the bright side, there are no signs of animated characters or left over diarrhea chunks on the behind of them cargos.
On the dark side, you may end up looking like Michael Jackson, so…

Disclaimer: I DIYed a version of the above chain-epaulette cotton jacket last summer. It was awesome. In my opinion.

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