Memoirs of an Abnormally Pale, Too Much Pressed Powder in a Color Three Shades Off from Your Skin Tone Geisha

Starring the bird above.

In the event you were beginning to worry that the Man Repeller may become redundant, displaying only photos of different variations of the same pants, blouses, shoes, hats, etc…think again. Because emulating a female snow man, turban wearing African princess warrior, 1920’s junkie and Jackie O in just the tiny confines of one simple head will generate the same repellent effect that say, this girl did while strolling through Paris.

Disclaimer: I am currently in the process of perfecting the art of tying a printed silk scarf around my head. Again, I haven’t had sex since 2008.

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  • manrepeller, i think i love you.

  • I love you too.

  • i'm sure i love you. haha.
    you're at my blog!

  • Anonymous

    to be fair, her skin might actually be that colour, and in the winter in northern europe there is really not much you can do about it.
    but as a fellow walking snow woman, i can confirm it is definitely a man repeller.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks fab!

  • Ru

    Pale skin is one of those things you have to properly accessorize in order for it to be attractive. Snow women, such as myself, need to know what colors to wear and what not. What IS a man-repeller is someone who is naturally extremely pale with a spray-tan. This goes in with the rule of men not liking obviously fake stuff.

  • Joie Mayor

    i dyed my hair from dark brown to black, to emphasise my pale skin. I love it! I love how bold makeup sits on my skin. Plus I’m british. I ain’t gonna get a tan this side of the atlantic.

  • Martine

    I saw her picture on the Sartorialist, which is where you probably swiped it, and that looks like her skin tone. Wow, what a mean thing to say about a beautiful woman. I think she is gorgeous. Perhaps the reason you don’t have sex partners has very little to do with what you wear? Maybe you just tend to bring people down and then figure that self depreciation will take care of it? Nah..just kiddin’. I am sure you are usually nice. But this post isn’t.

    • cat

      I know this was years ago but..I think this was more of a compliment, like she’s rocking a man repelling trend .