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While Man Repeller indubitably intends to zone in on women’s fashion trends that usually result in serious boner-kills, we’re the first to admit that we ourselves are Chronic Man Repellers. We love, adore, swoon, purchase and are inspired by most of the trends mentioned here. In the event you don’t believe us, proof appears in the form of street-style-photographing-as-code-for-Man-Repelling yet again below.

I’m the asshole channeling MC Hammer. I know what you’re thinking: I can sleep an army inside those pants. See, you would be right, but here’s the catch: the men in this theoretical army would probably take their chances and opt to seek refuge elsewhere.

Image via Style and The City.

Flannel Espadrille

*editor note: I’m including a link to the shoes you refer to above so readers can visualize the $600 flannel Christian Louboutin espadrille booties you know you’re just dying to order. Nothing says Memorial Day is rapidly approaching like some peep-toe platform flannel footwear, or as Neiman Marcus’ talented copywriter describes them: “Wintry flannel meets jaunty jute.”

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  • Kat

    Perhaps this blog should be renamed: "Chicks impressing Chicks, with no concern whatsoever as to what some random dude that crosses the other side of the street thinks about what she is wearing."

    In the end, cutting edge fashion is about making other girls jealous of you, not giving men one more reason to stick their anatomy in you.

    Those silly narcissistic boys across the street.

  • I think this blog is hysterical and refreshing. My boyfriend and I talk about this stuff all the time. What girls think looks good and what guys think looks good on girls is usually completely different.

    Do you have any male writers or just girls?

  • still making He laugh…

    -He approves


  • Well….I see two-faced women of Eugene, Oregon have started a global fashion trend with a rather blatant fashion statement, "I'm lesbian. Don't look at me! Don't talk to me!" that eludes to the new game described below.

    In a Eugene night life hot spot one of two guys leans over to his buddy,"What do you think? Is she gay? She's dressed like she is."
    The buddy snaps back, "Oh forget her, Don't waste your time, she told me she was."
    Few minutes later….the first guys whacks his buddy on the shoulder, "Hey that gay chick must be a nurse she's over there to trying check out that guys appendix with her tongue."
    The other guy stops drinking his beer, "Nurse my ass, that just proves she's a two-faced #$%^&!"

    Now coming to bars all over the world the dating game that is all the rage among women, "GAY, STRAIGHT or Two-faced."

  • this is an amazing concept …you need more traffic. 🙂 Women don't get it …even I don't sometimes. lol.

  • i love this blog!! ha, this is great – and although i dress for myself… i need to remember that my man has to go out with me!

  • Anonymous

    Talk about taking about a million steps backward!Why don't we start wearing corsets, binding our feet, or whatever stupid thing the little man wants – "LITTLE" being the operative word here. Little brain that is. Then when she doesn't walk the way he wants or talk the way he wants it will be all good when he "whacks her up side the head." Let's teach all the yound girls that.

  • Anonymous

    those are completely hideous… its not a surprise that men find them unattractive.

  • geo

    If the goal of the exercise is to stay home alone…this will achieve it. Then they will say there are no nice guys. Meanwhile, they lament the slut who must be doing something because she has all of the dates. Difference is one dresses like a girl and knows she is competiton with the other girls for men not for fashion prizes

  • Anonymous

    The pants in your photo are great. Jacket, cool, in fact the entire outfit is chic. Thing is, and this is going to sound mean…you need to be thinner and taller to carry off that look and still be man-attactors in a city like Paris. There, I said it. . However, it is your choice to wear it, and you two look fine just not your I'm hot and available signalling situation. And remember, there is safety in numbers when wearing edgy fashion in foreign locations. PS if you were wearing crocs, it would be a very unattractive look. Spiky shoes mean you are in with a chance.

  • This was hilarious,and very true.
    The only way you can get away with wearing "harem pants" and getting anywhere,is being wearing SHEER harem pants…and while your at it,an entire genie costume,as well. ;o)

  • Anonymous

    your OUTFITS are fine… it's your flourescent orange fake tans scaring them

  • anonymous -about the corset wearing stuff-would you rather teach little girls how to be a slut (sex and the city) and wear make up at 12?

  • But you guys look so happy and friendly! Surely that must count for something.

  • Anonymous

    ManRepeller – A woman who will challenge a man into getting her into bed because she thinks she can outsmart him. Ladies we all know what is under those clothes, only those who give a damn about BS fashion trends would care what you are wearing, but those guys usually do not care about whats under the clothes so you just made yourselves look funny, not boner killing.

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