Deadly Jewelz

We’ve thus far specified several types of shoes, headgear, and makeup that yield a Man Repelling response but have yet to venture deep into the heart of accessories. We’re obviously talking about Man Repelling weaponry, er jewelry!

Image via Refinery29

The accessory to murder (slash necklace) pictured above by Assad Mounser is fucking awesome. So awesome that one of Man Repeller’s very own might already have it.
This brass gun ring is pretty awesome too. Again, so awesome that one of the Man Repeller’s very own might have one just like it.

Now let’s do a little math equation, shall we:

Assad Mounser bullet necklace + brass gun ring = Killer jewelry, literally.

Killer jewelry + first date with straight man = Intimidation.

Intimidation + the harem pants you are probably wearing*
= No second date

No second date + an angry you = …what? Loading up brass gun ring with Assad bullets andshooting?

Sounds like the promising blueprints for a successful relationship.

A fun fact: On a recent trip overseas, a fellow man repeller had her Assad Mounser necklace confiscated at the security check and was held for 10 minutes because of “bullet replica” suspicions. Suspicious indeed.

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  • great post, gave a little ManRep shout out on FbyHe


  • holy blue balls that necklace is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • I know!!!! We have one 🙂

  • Anonymous

    idk, those accessories are kind of hot. screams, im a strong independent woman who can do terrible things to you however you choose depending if you want to be a d bag or not. I like it.

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