A Chin Strap Will Never Get You Laid

To anyone who has ever wondered what an asshat looks like, see below.

While adventures in Man Repelling head gear continue, universe repelling head gear is just taking off (pun intended).

Chin strap fail.

Hanneli Mustaparta (pictured left) must have been reading up on Amelia Earhart the day she decided to don the contraption on her head. To us, it reads more like a woman trying to make a fashion statement out of a head concussion or the leftover ski mask from a trip to Aspen weeks earlier. Both interpretations remain epic fails. As for the androgynous lady (Hi, Vika) to her right, it seems as though she must have forgotten to remove that device from her head after completing an auto-chop of hair into mushroom cut. I was so distracted by the combination of chin strapped hat and bowl cut that I almost overlooked the southern region of her body. Instead of delving into how effectively the entirety of her outfit is repelling the opposite sex, I will offer benefit of the doubt and assume that she is of Amish descent.

My final thought goes beyond the ladies pictured and over to the man who photographed them. Nevermind what they were thinking when they put their asshats on that morning, what were you thinking when you photographed them?

Hey, at least they won’t have to worry about their hats flying off their heads.
Disclaimer: Hanneli Mustaparta is my style icon

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  • guys, you are ace.


  • This blog is hysterical…congrats

  • This blog is hilarious. This post is hilarious. I feel so enlightened- I know what an asshat is.

    – chicmemoir.blogspot.com

  • P.S. Get a bloglovin' account, I'd love to follow you 🙂

  • This is very refreshing. I second Allison

  • the girl on the right is Vika Gazinskaya(i'm pretty sure)

  • This blog made my day. Hilarious!

  • Love your blog – would like to get in touch for a story – pls email me! lchernikoff@nydailynews.com

  • Asshats are what buttheads wear.

    I thought everyone knew that.

  • hahahhaha