MRDJ: For the Feline Lovers

Nevermind the fact that the Miu Miu silk blouse below runs for a whopping $955, has sold out on Net-a-porter, and…I may or may not have my name down on a wait list, let’s talk printed cats! Because God forbid we emulate Cat Woman, an actual sex symbol that combines cat and woman.
Net-a-porter’s bio about Miuccia Prada reads like this: Miuccia Prada is a true trend visionary and her second line Miu Miu has always been the go-to for an instant hit of what’s hot…Classic but super cool, a Miu Miu look will take you from the most uptown eaterie to the hippest nightspot.

Man Repeller’s rebuttal reads like this: Miuccia Prada must have been tripping on serious hallucinogenics and/or narcotics when she designed S/S 2010. Miu Miu is a breed (pun intended) of brand that confirms the absolute control fashion editors have over their empires and has become the go-to for an instant hit of patterns that crawl, fly and swim. Conservative and super man repelling, a Miu Miu look will take you from the most elegant uptown Petco, to the hippest downtown PetLand Discount. For the best care a pet can get.

A different kind of Cat Woman

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  • haha, you're good


  • meow.

  • I don't give a rat's patoot about the pedigree of this particular garment. Shelling out a grand for a shirt is just global thermonuclear stupid.

    Shelling out a grand for a shirt with cartoon kitties on it makes you a Global Village Idiot.

  • JPM

    and…Clogs. ta-dahh!

  • i submit for examination clothes from places like martha's vineyard, land's end, etc… though not high fashion, woman and men alike in the can be seen walking around, looking like total douche bags, with little animals, fishes, or palm trees embroidered all over their clothing.

  • jajajajajajaaa…….. this is so good!!

    Viaggio della Farfalla

    The Key Item

  • Anonymous

    Wow really whoever bought that shirt at that price go to a goodwill or your grandmas closet/cat lover at least it would be cheaper…actually you would probably find something more stylish

  • fashionista

    this was quite an interesting read…but this particular style doesn’t really fit me well =)

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