Dressing Like A Man

An image from American Apparel‘s look book.

While I am on team ties-tassels-and-topknots, I offer this: if your hot man-friends wanted to fuck other men, they probably would.

This get up is good…if you’re looking to attract a butch woman who has tattooed images of byzantine Jesus on her limbs, piercings in unusual body parts, calls herself something like “Bull Dozer” or “Bill,” and makes jokes about lesbians who don’t cook because they’d rather eat out.

Yea. So, have fun on that date. Ten fingers are better than one?

This is graphic. I hope my mom isn’t reading.

Tight butt cheeks

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  • Kimtaylor sent me a link to your site, even though its new, its now my favorite blog! I think we should make you FASHIONbySHE..its awesome


    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  • Ha, that would work…if I weren't myself a man repeller. Fashion by She will get women no where but home alone at night with a closet full of brogues.

  • actually now that im thinking about it, it would work awesome, you could tell women what sucks, exactly what i do, just from a guys pov


  • In California, the rule of thumb is: the higher the ponytail, the lower the I.Q.

    The rest of the boyclothes are just sad.

  • Not gonna lie, I personally think most items listed as man-repelling are hideous beyond words anyway… Ugg boots, massive sunglasses, harem pants, boyfriend fit stuff, gladiator sandles, leggings, high waisted jeans, slouch boots… just to name a few of the more major fails. I've heard many guys express repulsion at all of these things. If it's shapeless, baggy where it needn't be, over sized, to busily patterned or better suited to a man, it's not flattering!

  • My friend's boyfriend actually think that this is hot and sexy. YOu can try Hypercolor shirts too!

  • ILuvShopping

    I kind of like it, but would add colors to it. And, who the hell is Fashion By He and why should it be a compliment for you to be FashionbyShe? That guy is not a fashion connoisseur, just aiming to his five seconds of fame by being an arrogant jerk. Guess what, it’s been done before. Be more original.

  • I love dressing mannish. It is when I feel the most comfortable. I could careless who takes pleasure seeing me dressed this way. And the gal in the photo is rocking those loafers!


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