What is Man Repeller?

Founded in 2010 by Leandra Medine, Man Repeller covers the stuff you want to know about — style, feminism, culture, beauty, wellness, relationships and careers — the way we’d want to hear about it: smartly, honestly and with a joke or seven thrown in for good measure.

Man Repeller isn’t just a website. It’s an award-winning multi-media business and a global community of bright, interested and interesting people who know that fashion, humor and intelligence are not mutually exclusive.

Our founding tenet is the belief that style is a meaningful form of self-expression. And the most empowering thing you can share is your point of view: through clothes, through words, through whatever wacky and wonderful shape it might take. It’s by offering up our genuine selves that we can actually connect with others.

So come hang out, read a story, tell your own, buy a hat. But most importantly: be yourself. With us.


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