Did you know that Man Repeller has Snapchat? Oh yeah, baby. Follow us: man_repeller (don’t forget that underscore — it’s like the Dr. Scholl’s of punctuation). And if you’re reading this to your parents and they’re like, “What’s Snapchat,” take a deep breath and let this be your guide.

Why Emma Thompson’s character in Love Actually doubts the accuracy of a lobster’s biblical presence beats me: we find crustaceans to be extremely crucial to storytelling, in general. They relate to love, friendship, summer, packing and insanity. At Man Repeller, consider the lobster considered.

If ball is life, food is love. Or we’re just always hungry, because our favorite metaphors for fashion/romance/life all involve food. Proof in the pudding: clothes don’t rotguys are avocados, foodies have made dating more complicated, this literal approach and Cronuts as they relate to millennials. 

We’ve mentioned Drake enough times on this site to fill the entire first page of Google if you search “Man Repeller Drake.” This includes the time we tried to get him to give us a compliment. Can you blame us? He’s the man.

Need cool hair fast? Good thing we are trained professionals. If you have dry hair and 2 seconds: use your pinky. If you have wet hair and a bedtime: make like the ocean and wave. If you have 3 minutes, a dream, and a bead: camp out.

Pro tip: if you do not feel like answering emails for any reason whatsoever, set your away message now, select “delete all,” and then play dumb. If your boss is confused because she/he can literally see you at your desk picking your nose,  tell her you have a severe case of seesaw leg which renders you unable to type. You might get fired but at least you have us.

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel? It’s a funny thing to ask you, but sometimes the obvious is less transparent than ham sandwich on a hot day, you know? Waste time and get weird here.

We have unanimously agreed that this video of Oprah releasing bees is the greatest video to exist on the Internet. Like Oprah’s yearly list of expensive soaps and cashmere throws, it is our favorite thing. In fact, her fist pump at the end has become MR’s Official Secret Handshake. (Share amongst yourself, Repellers.)

A fun Man Repeller fact: we are disco obsessed. In the past year alone we have mentioned discos 10 times (two of which include Studio 54 references — and note that although we don’t say it, “disco” is largely implied in this image), NOT including the countless times the word “disco” is mentioned in your monthly horoscope round ups.

Proof is in the sequin:

Should I Go Home? A Helpful Guide

This Manstagram

Chain Belts

Human Disco Balls in Paris (Self-explanatory one, there.)

The Death of Denim

The Thought Process of Exercising

Suits Like Jagger

Cathy Horyn on Joe Eula

Memories Made in the Dressing Room

And finally, 12 Alternative Balls to Attend Instead of the Met Gala.

Told you, John Travolta.

More than once, Leandra has referred to Man Repeller as a nudist colony. To the untrained ear, this makes no sense. However! The Ancient Greeks exercised naked. “Gymnasium” comes from γυμνός (gymnos), which means “naked” in Ancient and Modern Greek. And we  — staunch in our plea that you stop wearing pants — are nothing if not a jungle gym for your wardrobe and brain.

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