Who Wore it Best? Leandra, or This Poodle?

Amelia Diamond | September 3, 2013


The weird human above who wore this blue party frock to that Jewish circumcision ceremony (as she would).


The prude poodle who wore this Givenchy ruffle dress to that boulangerie?

Sorry to put you on the spot but we kind of need to know ASAP.

Dress, $78 at Pixie Market. Illustration via Wear This to That

  • anna

    this time – the poodle. that pixie market dress looks like a surgery gown! (which absolutely suits the occasion, though.)

    • Leandra Medine

      No but it really does. Feels like one too.

      • Hey guys! Would you mind linking to the exact dress? I couldn’t find the specific one, but maybe it is sold out or my eyes are playing tricks on me.

  • jennifer

    this is such a creative post! I love this, so so original and funny!!!!…I have to give my vote to the poodle, though Leandra you look beautiful..just not the dress!!!

  • Angel Andrina

    POODLE ♥

  • Poodle wins this time.

  • CarolinaG

    Love your blog!!!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and Malibu:


  • OUPA24743

    Taht poopdle is clearly wearing Givenchy and you are not, so there is no contest, but if there were the poodle would win.

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Oh Leandra, even you look skeptical in your pic while the poodle gives an air of ‘bitch what?’ Point goes to poodle. (You’re fab any other time.)


  • Molly

    You do look great Leandra, but… It’s going to the poodle.

  • summer

    The poodle. Definitely the poodle.
    Sorry honey, ruffles look better on dogs or no one