Who are the ATL Twins?

Leandra Medine | September 11, 2013

ATLLL Earlier in the week when we cogitated about Cara and her onesies, we wondered if she was zipping up into the flesh of the ATL twins.  You may have noticed these identical twins infiltrating your Instagram feed this Fashion Week clad in matching outfits, bizzare hairdos and sets of gold teeth, or you may not. So the first question on today’s agenda should be: Who are they??

And why are they casually hanging with Justin Bieber? Why are they flashing their matching teeth alongside A$AP Rocky? With Rihanna at the Opening Ceremony show? James Franco? (Though Franco makes a bit of sense, because they played identical twin drug dealers in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers which could account for why they appear familiar.)

The twosome gained traction in 2011 after an interview with Vice went viral which reveals the nitty-gritty of their eccentric lifestyle.

Their names are Sidney and Thurman Sewell. They party HARD and share everything, and by everything I mean a a high rise in Atlanta, a Range Rover, a bed, a cellphone, and allegedly all women they sleep with. The longest they have been apart for is 6 hours when one of them went to jail for a DUI, and they claim to be “one person in two different bodies.” They are pretty much the closest thing to siamese twins without being literally conjoined.

Oh. And they have matching day jobs as paralegals and wear suits and kind of resemble Will Arnett.

Weird? Yep. But Fashion loves a bizarre freaky weirdo, or two for that matter.

They have a few collaborations in the pipeline, some with brands and a new project with Harmony Korrine for HBO. What do you think is next? Do they have any place in fashion? Are you intrigued? Fascinated? Repulsed? TELL US.

  • grossed out

    In the Vice article, they consistently refer to woman as bitches. Bitch is not term of endearment, so ew no thanks.

  • Chic Trends

    I’ve definitely heard of them before and have seen some pics on Instagram floating around but I seriously don’t understand why they’re so popular. They wear gold teeth, all the time! Strike one, or all of them for that matter. They’re just plain bizarre. Don’t even know what to make of them, to be honest. But to each their own I suppose.


    • Defenseman13

      they aren’t popular. You just read this shit and buy into it.

  • Hmmmm … let’s see whether I got this one right: you were in the same room/near/in the same building as David Beckham and you write about them?

    (just showing my oldie side, that’s all – I have never heard of the twins, but Beckham … O Boy. :-)))

  • rose

    Heard of them, seen them on the silver screen, read the article. Ew, ugly, no.

  • Maybe entertaining but NAAAAH FANK YOU!


  • Loo

    They remind me of the McPoyles from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Salisha

    Highly repulsed!

  • Joshua Michael

    ew no. Jokes. people think because they mish mash designer clothing they are at the forefront of fashion. #fail

    **plus what Grossed Out said

  • I saw the Vice interview and Video and was instantly intrigued. They are truly awesome! haha. Great post!!!


    • Defenseman13

      you might as well suck their dicks

  • annabel

    i saw them in spring breakers and they creeped the hell out of me. not sure if i could ever get over that first impression.

  • Rusi @Rusidesigns

    ew, no

  • Well, if they weren’t weird, then we wouldn’t be reading about them. Bring on the weird. It ain’t for me, but it’s fun to read freaky!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Uh.. wait? Who are they? And why do they matter?

  • Tash


  • dd

    hrmmm, never heard of them, but I have a feeling they’ll blow up soon. No thanks lol.

  • I know now who they are: they are the Women Repeller.

  • Marissa

    They speak weirdly eloquently while speaking about, essentially, fucking bitches and getting money. But is that all they’re really talking about? They’re everything success in this crazy fashion industry is bred upon: they’re opinionated, well thought-out, radical, and on the most removed level, they have broad appeal. They’re cute together, and America has an everlasting love affair with endearing familial relations. They’re smart (enough)…they work as paralegals. Above all, they’re realistic…they know it’s intriguing/perplexing/concerning as shit that they are the way they are. They understand the deep-rooted social taboos they confront, and those seemingly large roadblocks serve as some mighty fuel for a seriously dynamic duo.

    • This is so well put. It takes a truly intelligent well minded person to have your take on them. I like that your comment wasn’t the least bit judgemental.

  • isaobeso

    I can’t say I know much about them but what you’ve just told us, but I find them quite interesting if it is as you describe them. I really hope I see more of them. Life without cool/”weirdos” would be so boring, wouldn’t it?

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  • Behind the Mirror

    They are super gross womanizing douches… Some of the things they say about the women they have been with are disturbing!

  • Wadjin

    They look like the hobo who hangs out in the bus shelter near my apartment but cloned

    • Strider

      I had to sign in just to “like” this comment.

  • Statan

    Some no-name rapper declares that they are two of the ‘realest’ people he knows, yet they wear gold grills at night and dress in suits as paralegals during the day. Seems a tad hypocritical to me.

    • Yeah.

      They’re not rappers.

  • Alina Micha

    I love them. Interesting guys. They’d get it.

  • Mish Ca

    Love them to death. Xxx

  • André

    just look like wiggers, its embarrassing just looking at them lol

  • Juliejaniece

    Umm fuck yes, I’m in love with them!

  • I’m impressed with the route their lives have taken. It’s not easy coming from they did and getting to where they are. I’m not into the slang language, but I find them inspiring and not fake. Honesty is sexy.

  • they chill

    im sorry but they seem like chill dudes. they are kinda disgusting looking and the fact that they call every girl bitches is annoying but id chill with them. Stop judging books by their covers, you cant be calling them repulsive because of what they say. At least they speak their minds.
    Ive got nothing against them. They didnt hurt me, i didnt hurt them.

  • Mimi228

    Not cute, and it looks like they have copper on their teeth. I have my receipt, I would like a refund please.

  • meg

    I met Sidney and Thurman on Wooster Street during fashion week. We started chatting and they invited me to view their art exhibit based on their collaborative childhood drawings. We walked and talked on the way to their studio. Large colorful works of art! Wonderful energy – special sweetness – yes, they have a place in fashion – FOR SURE!

  • ta mere eugene


  • They work as paralegals????? Wtf! Very different to any paralegals I know.

  • NM2000

    So two weird gold-toothed paralegals talked to a magazine and now they get to hang out with celebrities at red carpet events? I still don’t know why I should care about them at all.

  • joe

    the result of inbreeding