What is Your Period Emoji?

Leandra Medine | August 26, 2013


One of the loveliest things about working with a group of ladies is that at a certain point, we are all fall onto the same menstrual cycle!

Hooray! Blood for everyone!

And as the debuty editor of Jezebel once astutely pointed out, if the gift of menstruation were one bequeathed to our male counterparts, they wouldn’t be half as discreet as we are about concealing tampons and panty liners and Midol and so forth. In fact, they’d probably brag up a storm on how heavy their flows are.

I can see it now.

“Yo, dude, I blew through TWO layers of slacks this afternoon. It was fucking crazy.”

While we’re not sure we’re there quite yet, we are declaring universal periodness on this gloomy Monday afternoon, which begs an entirely different – albeit more important – question. What is your period emoji?

Amelia says she uses the sideways frowning cat face because cats are bitchy and don’t like friendship, just like her for three days a month.

Because there is no puddle for my using pleasure, I’ve often deferred to the knife emoji. This is because whenever I stand up, it kind of looks like I’m fleeing a crime scene.

Charlotte uses the angry red face, a glass of wine and the chocolate bar emoji to signal her time of month because she is great at illustrative math that really uh, packs a punch.


  • lady

    I like to use the red flamenco dress chick because it makes my period seem a tiny bit more fun

  • Bruce

    the obvious favorite is the JAPAN FLAG! derp…

  • I use that egg in a pan

    • Amelia Diamond


    • brilliant.

    • K.H

      Oh, that is my new one for sure! Hahaha!

  • I usually use the red firetruck siren (woop! woop!) because there’s a HOT PARTY GOING ON INSIDE AND I WASN’T INVITED BUT AM LEFT WITH CLEANUP. In an action completely unnassociated with the country, I also use the Japanese flag. That’s because I once wore a plain white dress that met its match with natural tie dye. (TMI?)

  • I use a sleepy face, a sun, a sad/groggy face, then a horsehead and three screaming emojis. Because it’s like waking up to that scene in The Godfather.

    • Kenia


  • City_Girl

    Smiling pile of poo, for shiz. You know, because I spend one week of every month smiling on the outside while feel like a pile of poo on the inside.

  • Jillian Richards

    I use the fish/shark-y emoji as I’ve dubbed this wonderful time as Shark Week.

  • Casey

    I go with the shark emoji because I call mine my “shark attack” ahhhh! dun dun… dun dun dun dun…

  • Ashley

    I like to use the knife then the red footprints because I like to imagine murdering anyone who pisses me off. Happy synchronization week, all!

  • Hangry

    I use the surfer, a red dot and the Japanese waves for riding the crimson wave.

  • Bryan

    Undergarment emoji with needle emoji you dumbasses. That’s what makes the period emoji. C’mon use your brain.

    • Kenia

      Dumbasses? You would know because you get your period, right? ?head!