Sophie Auster Mixes High, Low, Vintage & The Row (Like a Pro)
New York Closets
New York Closets

Sophie Auster is a bonafide street dancer, but you can’t wear a printed suit with a vintage tee and expect not to dance when the music strikes you — an outfit like that moves you.

Granted, the music strikes singer/songwriter Auster quite often.

Her album, Dogs and Men, is awesome.  As for more outfits that might inspire you to dance too, check ’em below and in the slideshow above. Keep your headphones plugged in, click through cool clothes, and consider this your Monday morning soundtrack plus a week’s worth of answers to the old question: what do I wear?


At home working on a new song with my beloved 6190 Gretsch streamliner while wearing my favorite vintage dress from 1890. I still can’t believe how perfect the condition is.


Waiting for my friend to go to dinner while wearing a vintage hat, vintage boots, a Maje jacket, and a Reformation dress.


Taking a break out back from rehearsal in Brooklyn for my June 9th album release show at Joe’s Pub. I’m wearing a Reformation blouse and overalls with a vintage leather jacket.


On my way to a writing session with my brilliant musician friend and frequent collaborator, Barry Reynolds. I’m wearing a vintage motorcycle hat, vintage high waisted jeans, and a Reformation blouse.


Taking a coffee break between meetings for my new album, Dogs and Men, while wearing a vintage skirt, a no-name t-shirt, a Forever 21 headband and Topshop sunglasses.


Impromptu serenade on my boyfriend’s roof in Williamsburg, wearing a blouse by The Row, pants by Reformation, hat by Rag and Bone, and vest by H&M.


Dancing in the street because I can, wearing my all time favorite suit by Suno and a vintage Harley Davidson T-shirt that I got while running around between gigs at SXSW.

Follow Sophie on Instagram, Twitter, and check out her website here.

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  • Ugh, she just emanates COOL…besides the fact she’s a musician.

  • Love this, so inspired.
    The Twins

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  • She looks so much like her dad.