NY Closets: Laurel Pantin

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Amelia Diamond | March 21, 2016

Laurel Pantin has mastered the peace sign. Hers is a two-fingered accessory that balances out a Marc Jacobs coat x bath towel combo. It keeps admirers’ eyes bouncing between her striped sneakers and knit hat, and with one un-gloved hand held it adds warmth to an already cozy teddybear coat. Note: everyone can pull off “funky” if they puff up their chests with confidence. Not everyone can pull off the peace sign.

But Laurel Pantin, my friends, is special. How else can you describe someone who not only makes getting dressed for winter look fun, but also makes chores an excuse to get dressed up for.

Formerly the Senior Fashion Editor of Hearst’s Snapchat Discover platform, Sweet, she’s about to start her new role as Editorial Director of The Coveteur. So settle in, say hello, shout congratulations, enjoy the GIF below and then get to know her by way of — what else? Her closet. (Don’t forget to scroll!)

Laurel is the Editorial Director at The Coveteur. Check out her personal website and follow her on Instagram @lapantin! Collage by Elizabeth Tamkin.


  • Loving the “coat-as-bathrobe” look! Also, come winter I pretty much live in my mom’s old LL Bean sweaters, and it’s nice to see them get some love some folks outside her hiking crew.

  • Go Laurel Go! Work. That. Peace. Sign. <3 Also, love how monochrome each look ended up being.

  • Amelia Diamond

    Really really really thinking about cowboy boots more and more

    • Natty

      do it girl. i can’t get enough of my lucchese’s.

  • Laurel’s snapchat makes me so so happy!

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    I want that pink coat!!!

  • Zenaida Luciano

    Woww, I love the sweater. <3
    Luciano from DevilPlus

  • Molly O

    Couldn’t love the mixing low/low comment more. I’m all about this.

    • Hattie Selden

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  • Abigail

    i like this layout of closets better than flipping through a slideshow at the top- easier to read/look at the same time!! and the peace sign is the best accessory ever