NY Closets: Nicole Chapoteau

Amelia Diamond | June 13, 2016

Allure Accessories Director and mother of two Nicole Chapoteau is the kind of women who is always in an outfit. She doesn’t just put on clothes, she gets dressed. And she very much gets dressed for herself!

The opposite of a uniform dresser — where one’s sartorial identity may be more easily determined by an outsider (“that shirt is very you”), Chapoteau has established her sense of personal style by rooting it so deeply into her personality that, while you certainly can’t predict what she’s going to wear, when you see her, what she’s chosen to wear makes so much sense.

If that’s not The Goal it’s certainly one-out-of-five of mine.

Scroll down below for a week’s worth of this big-pants-wearing wonder, and in the comments, let me know A) your favorite outfit and B) what your spin on it would be. Just because I’m nosey.

Follow Allure Accessories Director Nicole Chapoteau on Twitter @NicChapoteau and Instagram @chapoteau Allure on Instagram @Allure; collage by Emily Zirimis.


  • libs

    Day 7 is!!! the best way I’ve seen to wear a low back bodysuit. Of course it just requires a dramatic bra back. I feel like a major missing link in my sartorial understanding has finally fixed itself.

    • Natty

      With you on that!!!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      Is that not the best bodysuit!? The fun with a bodysuit too is that you can wear low back or low side ones and they don’t really move and expose the parts you want kept covered because it’s so… Locked in place

  • Katie

    Day 1! I need those shorts!!!

  • Kimberley Boehm

    Love Day 3 and Day 7. That pink raincoat is fabulous!

  • Natalalaa

    Life goals!