NY Closets: Musician Liana Banks Wears Her Energy

  • Day 1: I originally had this custom-pinned denim dress designed for my album release show, but realized I couldn't properly twerk in it without turning it into a different kind of show ;). I couldn’t let the dress go to waste, so I decided to call up my friend @branndannart (one of the best photographers in the game) and asked him to shoot me underneath a neon-lit bridge.

    Jazmine Miller of "Eklektik" dress and collar, Adidas shoes, vintage faux fur varsity jacket -- another option here
  • Day 2: "Go shawtyyy it's ya birthdayyyy"! My birthday was super chilly, so I threw on my favorite "Joanne The Scammer" coat. First stop was a recording session at Atlantic Records, then dinner with my sister and cousins in Brooklyn. I dragged them to New Jersey for another studio session directly after to finish mixing my debut mixtape!

    Vintage faux fur jacket -- another here, Conflict of Interest shirt, Topshop jeans, Public Desire shoes
  • Day 3: Okay, so my mixtape release show was super LIT! I incorporate a ton of dancing in my live show so I wanted to make sure I was a comfortable but still showed out. I opted for comfy SLAY.

    Adidas T-shirt, Zara suede leggings, Public Desire shoes
  • Day 4: Went to see my friend Stalking Gia's live set at Ludlow House and couldn't resist taking a picture next to Hill$. #GirlPower

    Eklektic collar, vintage boots -- another option here, Forever21 kimono, Topshop hat, Zara jeans
  • Day 5: Visited Platinum Sound Recording Studio for a jam session with the best of the best. On the way home, I saw Mickey Mouse in Times Square and wanted a selfie with him, but he wanted to charge me. I snuck one when he wasn't looking :) SCORE!

    Nike jacket -- another camo style here, Tupac vs. Biggie T-shirt, Zara jeans
  • Day 6: Shot a FIRE music video for my new single "Plead The Fifth.” The whole set had a '90s "Bad Boy" feel.

    Whatever 21 pants -- another option here, Mercura NYC sunglasses, Topshop bralette, Piper Designs choker -- similar here
Haley Nahman | January 16, 2017

Liana Banks is an artist — a musician, specifically — and a born-and-bred New Yorker. She cites Queens, Nicki Minaj, the Caribbean and Harlem among her influences. It’s not hard to see how her taste translates to her style as much as it does her music, which is a quirky mixture of melodic and electronic R&B. That’s just my description of it — I’ve been listening to her album on Spotify for 30 minutes and I’m kind of obsessed. Is that creepy? Anyway: It all tells the same satisfying story, which is, essentially, that Liana is fucking cool and full of a infectious energy.

Above, she documented everything she wore in the week leading up to the release of her debut mixtape (which you should absolutely listen to). She was dressing for release parties, performances, music video filming…you know, the kind of stuff we pretend we’re dressing for in front of our mirrors but totally aren’t. And she kills it across the board. Click through for a lesson in how to gather together a bunch of contradictory elements and say one consistent thing.

Stay up to date on Liana Banks by following her on Instagram @lianabanks, Twitter @lianabanks and Soundcloud! Check her out on Apple Music and Spotify, too.

  • LOVE the neon green hair and mixtape release party outfit. Suede leggings and see thru shoes… so good.

  • kay

    slavering over the see thru boots…anyone seen a pair with a lower heel?

  • diane

    Is this a post or a promotion?

  • Cristy Preisser

    love that green hair!! defiantly going to check her out


  • AzilD

    I see it just me, or does it seem wrong to brag about not paying someone trying to make a living? (The person inside the Mickey Mouse costume.) I can’t stand those characters, but I avoid them. Paying them for pics is the social contract. Everyone is trying to make a go of it. Be kind and pay for what you use.