We’re Hiring for the Best Job Ever

Man Repeller jobs are similar to Steve JobsΒ in that both require a proclivity for year-round turtlenecks, massive amounts of creativity and computers. The difference with the Man Repeller jobs thing is that you can apply to them and possibly get them, whereas no one else can be Steve Jobs. (No one can be you, either! That’s always a nice takeaway.)

Anyway, fun related news: We are hiring for the best Man Repeller job that exists (click here for more and check back for updates) and that’s coming from a woman who’s main beat is Penn Badgley: Social Media Editor.

Here are some things that you get to do as MR Social Media Editor:

– Call yourself a “social media witch” in your online bio as our current Social Media Editor Harling does. She’s moving to the editorial team; I await her new Instagram bio with bated breath.

– Write IG captions for (part of) a living.

– Be funny on Twitter.

– Use GIFs.

– Hang out on Facebook all day.

– Slide into celebrity IG DMs when we need to ask them questions but don’t have their email addresses.

– Meet cool people by way of interviews and behind-the-scenes reporting.

– Play with your phone during meetings without it being rude because “you’re working.”

– Be MR’s equivalent of Chris Harrison/Ryan Seacrest and host for a [Facebook/Instagram] live audience the inner-workings of our creativity pod.

– Plus, a whole ocean of exciting professional endeavors that will further your career no matter how often they may cause the less social-media-witch inclined to say things like, “Does the internet have a nice office?”

The full job description plus how to apply is here, but since we’re already in the un-linked here I’ll post it below as well. Apply to careers (at) manrepeller (dot) com if this role was made for you.

“In search of a standout Social Media Editor with experience in copywriting and posting on social media platforms and creative instinct for growth and content. Will work closely with the Growth Manager to set and execute the social schedule in order to adapt and proliferate Man Repeller content to as many eyeballs as possible, while presenting the Man Repeller voice in a creative and cohesive package. Copywriting experience is imperative followed closely by creativity and a hardworking, team-oriented mindset.


Own all social media scheduling and posting across all platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr

Seek opportunities to expand social presence (ex: creating narratives for Snapchat stories)

Own execution of Facebook Live videos with assistance from Growth Manager and editorial team

Become an expert on Man Repeller content and audiences across each channel

Foster social community through regular interaction on all platforms (including on-site comments platform)

Develop understanding of content reporting and familiarize oneself with reporting language”

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Collage by Maria Jia Ling Pitt; illustration by Jim Heimann Collection/Archive Photos via Getty Images.Β