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Jessie Willner’s closet will make you view color in a whole new light. It will inspire you to push all wintry navy and black to the back of your closet and reconsider that thing you said about how the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is done — which may be true in indie rom-com movies, but when it comes to clothes? Hell no. Willner, a visual artist and the one-woman show behind The Mighty Company, a collection of limited edition jackets that launches this Thursday, May 19, has such a command of the prism system that you almost suspect she’s in cahoots with the My Little Pony mafia.

But no, she isn’t. That isn’t a thing. She’s simply based in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, proof that sometimes, all it takes to inspire creativity is a bit of colorful California sunshine.


Monday: This outfit is cool because it looks like I was trying, but in actuality it’s pretty much pajamas. In all seriousness, I’m big on finding that elusive sweet spot between elegance and comfort. Like a lot of days, I’m holed up in my studio all day and night so I like to be as snug as possible but also look presentable for any meetings scattered throughout my day.

Suno top and bottoms, KMB shoes


Tuesday: When you cross your arms while wearing this shirt, they go in for the kiss. It’s the greatest thing. And I found this brilliant silver leather a couple years back and made these shorts out of it.

Vivetta top, Myself shorts — similar metallic option here, Superga shoes


Wednesday: Today I’m running between different meetings, so I’m stepping up my fancy. Here I am grabbing lunch and encountering this wall that matched me.

Jonathan Saunders dress, Saint Laurent bag, Camilla Elphick shoes


Thursday: My best friend lives a mile down the street from me and her house is right across from these semi-hidden stairs. So this is me just trying to rainbow-camo.

Rag & Bone shirt, The Mighty Company jacket, Jonathan Saunders skirt, Superga sneakers


Friday: What’s the weekend even for, if not filled with swans and side boob?

Vivetta jumpsuit, The Mighty Company jacket, Clare Vivier clutch, Loeffler Randall shoes


Saturday: My love for fringe is no secret. Ready to go in this amazing evening dress from Galvan. I love how their dresses are simultaneously sophisticated and eclectic. Since I lean more towards the eclectic side, I threw in a double braid to top it off.

Galvan dress, Rodarte shoes, vintage earrings


Sunday: I like a smidge of irony in fashion where I can take it, so out came this ombre-on- ombre. While it looks subtle here, I actually wore it out with an ombre jacket on top… I just couldn’t stop. Being this matchy makes me feel like I have an inside joke with myself. Even though everyone can see it. And no matter what I’m doing on a Sunday, I’m always with my pup Lenny.

Rag & Bone top and shoes, Acne Studios jeans

Check out The Mighty Company and follow on Instagram @themightycompany and Twitter @themightyco. Follow Jessie on Instagram @jessiewillner, too!



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  • Sophie

    I’m excited about incorporating more color into my wardrobe, thanks for the post!
    I post every Monday and Friday, check out my blog if you have time! 🙂

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  • Amelia Diamond


  • Verbalgoldblog

    I love this type of compilation! And all of these outfits are so fantastic

  • Pandora Sykes

    I’m just embarrassed I didn’t art direct my own closet diary better

  • Caroline

    What a gorgeous girl.

  • Kelly

    What a babe! She’s got a killer wardrobe and fantastic hair.

  • Selina Moses

    Monday outfit is my favourite, I’d wear that. I’m all about colour and pattern and have no problem wearing that all year round, especially in gloomy London where I refuse to dress like the weather


  • great!