Get to Know Team MR: Meet Jay, Director, Filmmaker and Podcast Host
Get to Know Team MR
Get to Know Team MR

After you get to know Jay, meet our Graphic Designer, Emily Zirimis, our Digital Director, Kate Barnett, our Managing Editor, Elizabeth Tamkin, our Audio Engineer, “Quazzy,” the woman who founded this website, Leandra Medine, our photographer, Krista Lewis, senior writer Amelia Diamond, our Social Media Editor, Harling Ross and our Content Strategist, Yvonne.

In honor of career month at Man Repeller, we’re profiling the team so that you can get a better sense of who does what, how this place runs, whose soothing voice has the capability to give Oh Boy listeners ASMR chills and who has a beard. Man. Those last two descriptors sound an awful lot like Jay Buim, MR’s man in a cowboy hat about town.

Hey Jay. In addition to hosting our Oh Boy podcast and directing our video content, you’re a filmmaker. What does that mean you actually do?

I try to convince people to let me make things for/with them.

Where were you before this?

I mean thats a deep question, how much time do you have?

None. What did you go to school for?

I went to film school which is a great place to make mistakes.

How did you get involved with Man Repeller?

I met Leandra when she contacted me about making a video for Man Repeller [Adventures in Beauty Vlogging]. Kate made a comment about flash photography during porn films. It was awkward and I loved it.

When we showed up [to set] with our production van full of gear, everyone was outside ready to help our small crew get everything set up. I had respect for their gumption and amazing sense of humor. I felt like I was with kindred spirits and have been lucky enough to have continued to make things with MR.

Favorite part of your job?

Three or so months after a project is done, you can watch it with some distance, allowing yourself the ability to enjoy it.

Least favorite part of your job?

Taxes. Do you remember that scene in Broad City where Ilana mails a box of receipts and nonsense to her mom? I still 100% do that.

What’s one thing that surprised you in your path up until now?

If I tried to explain to someone my experience from first starting out to being where I am now, no one would believe me.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A master pasta chef where we have a little restaurant that’s only open on Sundays for dinner.

What’s one piece of advice you can offer to someone who wants a job like yours?

Don’t make excuses to not make things, figure it out or convince the people around you that you have it figured out

What’s your advice to someone who has no clue what they want to do?

Write a bunch of jobs on note cards and tape them to a wall. Put a blindfold on and throw a dart at the wall. Whatever it lands on, that’s what you have to do. Repeat as many times as necessary.

What’s one weird/fun fact about you?

I can beat Mario Bros 2 in 18 minutes and I have the world’s biggest collection of vintage Epcot t-shirts.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I had all the ideas for Star Wars.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Amelia Diamond


  • I love Jay and his voice in the Oh Boy podcast. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone hosted the Oh Boy podcast and interviewed him? I mean, he says it’s a long story, so maybe an entire episode might at least scratch the surface.

    It must be so much fun working with Jay!

    • Bee

      I second this idea!

      • Katherine Ross Ward


        • Catherine Gans

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    • How perfect it would be if it were to be conducted in the same episodic method as STAR WARS

  • Haha I did not expect Jay to look like this. It’s funny putting face to voice. And I should put “I had all the ideas for star wars” on all my resumes from here on out under, ‘other skills.’

    • Amelia Diamond

      Yea you should. I want to make it my instagram bio.

      • Krista Anna Lewis


  • Jessica H

    Jay looks 100% like I would imagine my dream guy. Even though he has better hair than I do. Also, I work in video production and went to school for film. Work on a project with me?

  • dk

    Hey, hello Jay. You should put that last part on your resume 😉

  • Vanessa

    Jay is awesome! I love listening to the Oh Boy podcast.

  • Mariana

    The smoothest voice in world wide web!

  • separate thought: if and when MR gets fan merch, please let there be jay beard keychain, gym tote or SOMETHING that says “so, where did you grow up?”

    • Amelia Diamond


    • and/or “let’s get into it”

      • i vote for this to be on a letter opener

        • Amelia Diamond

          Just a whole line of stationary. Wait for it. We call it: JAYtionary

  • smillipede

    jay 4ever~

  • Hannah

    The first time I heard Jay’s voice I felt like we should be friends and then after every subtle fact he’s ever dropped about himself during an interview I felt like we definitely and absolutely should be friends. I actually don’t know how we’re not friends already considering our lives are oddly very similar even though no one would believe me either if I explained how I got to where I am. So Jay if you’re reading this, wanna get some spaghetti and talk about music? Your twin destiny friend awaits!

    • Jay Buim

      what kind of pasta are we talking here?

      • Hannah

        First, I’d like to say I am not shocked I missed your gracious reply as I used my dontopenever email address to sign up for disqus. Second, you can now Internet stalk me before deciding if you really want to become life long friends (I just followed you on Instagram @funforevercamp), I guess this should be a two way street. And finally, third, the kind with sauce.

  • Anna Diane

    OK, this man is EXTREMELY attractive! I try my best to not sound like a very creepy/strange person but OMG his hat&beard&eyes…*swoon*

  • Pia Sophie

    hahahaha. just listened to the mattie kahn oh boy episode a few days ago. having all the ideasto star wars is definitely the best other skill i have ever heard of in my life.
    plus (this comment would probably be better placed somewhere else, but anywho) i love that you always start with “where did you grow up?”!