NY Closets: DJ Kitty Cash

I do all of the formatting, shop linking and feature collages for our New York Closets series. Here is DJ Kitty Cash -- one of my favorite featured closets of all time.
Amelia Diamond | January 11, 2016

The closet of Brooklyn-born deejay Kitty Cash is energizing. She starts Monday off the way personal trainers are always telling you to by opening up with a serious pow — no sad case of Sunday blues lingering in her look. In fact, she struts. Day two she’ll give you one reason alone to get excited for winter: that coat. By day three you’re reminded that this night cat has a day job, too. She works in the Communications and Marketing Department at G-Star Raw, and while this won’t be your corporate go-to, she sports a smart alternative to the jacket-and-pants hum drum that I, for one, want to try and mimic. If you can believe it, the wardrobe just keeps getting better from there.

Scroll down for a whole week’s worth of looks. Like all good deejays, the best part of her outfit is the song she paired it with.

Follow DJ Kitty Cash on Instagram and Twitter while simultaneously listening to her Soundcloud and YouTube channels. Visit her full blown site here.

  • The last day is the sexiest outfit eye have ever seen. Everything about that look has me weeping it’s so good. Also, day 3. I love when jackets are worn as a boxy shirt and those pants….!!!!!!!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I love day 3 too, I feel like Leandra the Llama has a version of those pants too. BUT THE BDAY OUTFIT IS !!

  • Jessicaaaa

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  • love. this. SO. much. 🙂

    Also, everyone should twirl to ‘I’m every woman’ at least once.

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    Wait also her haircut is chic 2 boot

  • I’ve returned with a question: Night time routine for maintaining that hair? How does she pack it?