Austin Closets: Nikisha Brunson

Amelia Diamond | January 25, 2016

Urban Bush Babes co-founder and editor-in-chief, Nikisha Brunson, has the kind of laid-back style that turns the phrase “getting dressed” into “being dressed,” if that makes any sense. Her seven-day-wardrobe is a blend of easy pieces and muted tones, jumpsuits and kimonos: clothes that are meant to be lived in, lounged in and loved on but never fussed over.

That sensibility adds up: before working on her website, Brunson used to be a public school teacher — an on-your-feet, on-your-game job that requires attention to detail but also a disregard for overthinking. It’s here that a type of uniform begins to make sense. And now that she’s settled into Urban Bush Babes, this Austin, Texas local is sharing her focus with Folie, Brunson’s 100% natural apothecary line, handcrafted in small batches by her with a focus on hair and sensitive skin. So perhaps it’s here that the earthy colors and a down-to-basics aesthetic seem like an inherent part of her style.

And as for those perfect tangerine shoes? Oh, those are just cool. Not everything in fashion needs a peg.

Nikisha Brunson is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Urban Bush Babes and Pineapple Life. She owns Folie, a 100% natural apothecary line. Follow personal Instagram @nikishabrunson.

  • A Girl

    lookin so good and comfy makes me want to go home and change my outfit immediately tbh

  • omg. So easy breezy beautiful covergirl. Nikisha looks like she breezes into the room leaving behind a trail of the most magnificent scents.

  • Aydan

    Omg I’m so jealous of all of this! She looks incredible and so well put together in every picture!!

  • Beatrice

    GUYS the weekly closet posts are always the bright spot of my Monday but this one is so good it might just be the bright spot of my Tuesday, too. Brb, moving to Austin

  • Amelia Diamond

    I want those tangerine shoezz

  • Living Paula Blog

    Got to love those easy pieces!!

  • La Andie Powers

    May we submit to this or are subjects only hand-selected by you? X

  • Jennifer

    She makes it look so easy! I have “everything” envy!

  • Claire

    she’s seriously so cool and looks like she doesn’t even put thought into it, but is just inherently stylish. i wanna be her, and i want these closets to keep coming.

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    Remember the post on Gigi Hadid? It got me thinking a ton about style and what we look good in and can seemingly “effortlessly” pull off. In knowing your style DNA, one can successfully be one (OMMM) with their outfit. Exhibit A: Nikisha. She just IS a style of her own and I love every bit (and flowy dress and romper) of it.

  • deb

    and her hair!

  • Aw, since when did the NY Closets segments photos start looking like real photoshoots? I quite liked it when the folks were just taking mirror selfies to show off their outfits. The unpolished look.

  • Melissa

    Omg I’m obsessed with her. New goal: “being dressed”

  • Senka

    I am so in love with her style that I’m very tempted to copy it. Yet, it would be wrong because what makes it great on her is that it’s her style and not a trend. Nothing wrong with borowing a styling idea once I’m wearing a jumpsuit, though, I guess?
    The thing is, she looks so comfy and polished that my own flower print skirt and red heels and lips make me feel terribly tacky, and I want to wear something sleeker and more sophisticated.