Minor Cogitations

What Do

You Look Like


Hyperbolically speaking
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Are You

Fall Shopping


I mean mentally! Obviously!
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How Much Coffee

Do You

Consume Daily?

You don't even need a stethoscope to hear my heart beating
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Do You Wear

Gym Clothes

To Not Work Out?

Maybe even just to LOOK like you worked out?
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Flashy, flashy!

Do You Embrace

Your Side Boob?

Or are you just freeing nipples left and right?
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15 Ways You Know

a Girl Studied Abroad

in Paris

Other than the fact that she begins all sentences with, "One time, in Paris..."
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What Would You

Wear if You Were

Marrying Yourself?

"Nothing" is, of course, an option, but let's play dress up for the hoot of it.
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How (Not) to


Your Relationship

Because unfollowing you takes too much effort.
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Have You



Negged = a backhanded compliment that hits faster than a rogue sneeze
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Back to


How are you avoiding it?
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What Kind of


Are You?

Nothing Says Long Weekend Like Some Psychotherapy and Booze
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5 Things to

Leave Under

Your Desk

Consider this your Second-Aid kit
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What Is Your



Don't look at me like that, Diana. You know you have one.
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Granola Bars,

Sans Sugar

Oh it's possible. And it's good.
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The Unsung Heroes


Drugstore Shopping

It's time to sing their praises
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