Minor Cogitations

The Great

(Perhaps Late)

Birkenstock Debate

It took me a while to come around, and yet I'm still conflicted
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Your Weirdest


Calling all nose pickers and knee sniffers!
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How to Transition

Your Outfit From

Work to Dinner

...with your in-laws, or anyone else of that sort.
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How to Turn

Your Faux-Art Basel into


I almost called it Fauxchella but Leandra already claimed Clotheschella, so.
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What Will You


to Coachella?

Fringe? Leather? A jock strap?
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An Ode

to the

Random Tumblr

Thanks for being you.
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What Do You

Look For

In a Bra?

Secrets? Fairy dust? Sex appeal?
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Being an

April Fool

Although if you have any prank ideas...we'll take those too.
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No Phones

No Photos

Just Experience

The sacredness of unplugging
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How to Wear

Fringe Without

Looking Western

Spoiler: Just pile it on until it cancels itself out
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to a


Boredt at werk? Join in and help us keep the joke alive.
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Creative Muscle

How Do You Beat Creative Block?
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What’s Your Song


the Weekend?

Because maybe it could be ours.
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The Heck

Is Oil Pulling?

Friggen' Bitcoin of the beauty world or something.
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What Do You

Think This Girl’s

Day Was Like?

She spent the whole thing on one heel
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Deposit Your

Weather Woes


They say misery loves company -- let's talk shit about the weather together.
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Beating the Pain


The Crimson Wave

We'll share our tricks, then you share yours.
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