With Ari Graynor
You’d think I dressed her, no? No. When we first met yesternoon under the premise that she would be reading an essay I wrote at Joe’s Pub that night alongside visionaries such as Olivia Wilde, Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones and Zosia Mamet, she was wearing them already. “Great overalls,” I very enthusiastically told her. “I thought you might like them,” she told me. I lent her my gold necklace to add some subtle sparkle and thus a friendship was born. My essay was about the circumstances of several bad period experiences (one including ketchup and another, twenty philosophy students listening to my recounting of the time the Nile River relocated to inside my vagina and subsequently the toilet beneath me.) Ari read it like a champ–better than I ever could have. I was proud of her expert ability to procure an Iranian/Italian/somewhat Israeli accent to depict my mother in a verse that went, “I can’t believe you weren’t home when you got your period. I hate your friend’s mother.” It was an out of body experience to be included in this very special Glamour-hosted event–Amy Poehler was there, for Pete’s Sake. Amy Poehler! Fear not if you didn’t hear it though (I doubt you’re fearing but I’ll plug myself here)–the essay cum monologue was an adapted version from a chapter in my book called, “The Period Panties.” A puddle I woke up among in my ex-boyfriend’s bed one time was omitted from the reading, but not from the book. Hash tag Coming September 2013. On me: Ellery blazer, Dries van Noten pants, Stella McCartney heels (though if you like them, I suggest snagging a pair from Farfetch–they’re 30% cheaper in Europe.) Her overalls are from What Goes Around Comes Around.
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