Why Don’t You…
Wear an ear cuff as a knuckle ring for your pinky? I got this guy on Asos months ago but have yet to wear it in my ear, namely because I finally bit that pesky bullet and actually pierced my ear, so, a knuckle ring for my pinky which appears sort of like a whole lot of different knuckle rings for my pinky but is actually just one, seemed like a very good idea. Your turn! (Other rings by Cat Bird and Anneliese Michelson) Oh, also, I know you want to tell me that white spot in my nail denotes a calcium deficiency but in reality, that’s not the case at all. I read somewhere that those spots are actually the result of a minor finger injury, they appear so far after the injury in question that you don’t even remember when or why you got your finger caught between a door and a pigeon.
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