WHY DON’T YOU? Wear a blanket as a scarf!

Follow Man Repeller | November 9, 2012

More on this theory…REAL soon.

Take it in. (Mina + Olya trench coat photographed over American Apparel sweater and Paige jeans, yes…the Paige jeans.)

  • Lauren

    Yay! Resurrecting the theories of Diana Vreeland! The movie was spectacular. Long live Man Repeller and the Why Don’t You Instagrams x

  • =^..^=

    I did the same during a trip to Barcelona: I was cold, so I wore a hotel blanket over my sweater!

    Where’s your cool wool blankie from ??

  • Hannah.X

    that will probably chock me because my neck is short hahaha

  • Miraa!

    blarf= blanket scarf!

  • Miraa!

    Blarf= blanket scarf!

  • sleener

    What is the blanket? I LOVE this idea. Please share!!

  • style-squared by z&m

    ok, seriously- i do not care about the blanket- i need those shoes PRONTO!wow!


  • Claire Wei

    yes I have been doing this years! I use an IKEA cable knit throw as a blanket–so useful esp for travel!

  • Magster

    those heels are THE BALLS