Want to talk ugly chic?
Is it just us or has effectively every single website that takes even the slightest interest in fashion written and rewritten the ugly-chic shoe trend story to plague (kidding, bless) our feet this summer? You’d almost think the recurrent nod to ugly footwear was a form of self-assurance that Birkenstocks are in fact cool. De Nile ain’t just a river. But what about these guys? I think they certainly fall into that so bad they’re great pocket but my opinion may obviously be bias. I bought them about two years ago on Yoox.com – they were sitting on the website like a sequestered tuberculosis patient waiting for something, anything to redeem them. That thing appeared as ME. Why? Because they reminded me so comprehensively of those Adidas slippers I used to wear to shower at camp and that is a happy memory I would like to continue replaying until I can no longer remember my youth. That and they were like, $80. Blinded by the label and┬áprice? Probably. Two years later though, I feel pretty good about how weird they make me feel. Would you wear them?
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