Want to talk ugly chic?

July 30, 2013

Is it just us or has effectively every single website that takes even the slightest interest in fashion written and rewritten the ugly-chic shoe trend story to plague (kidding, bless) our feet this summer? You’d almost think the recurrent nod to ugly footwear was a form of self-assurance that Birkenstocks are in fact cool.

De Nile ain’t just a river.

But what about these guys? I think they certainly fall into that so bad they’re great pocket but my opinion may obviously be bias.

I bought them about two years ago on Yoox.com – they were sitting on the website like a sequestered tuberculosis patient waiting for something, anything to redeem them. That thing appeared as ME. Why? Because they reminded me so comprehensively of those Adidas slippers I used to wear to shower at camp and that is a happy memory I would like to continue replaying until I can no longer remember my youth. That and they were like, $80. Blinded by the label and price? Probably. Two years later though, I feel pretty good about how weird they make me feel.

Would you wear them?

  • wolfandpaper

    I think you’d have to be weird and fabulous to pull these off. Or live in a spread of V magazine, Or be Tilda Swinton. Me, I’m a classicist.

  • Jane Bloomfield

    I don’t think I could tbh. They’re what I call muesli -shoes!

  • http://www.fancyalterego.wordpress.com/ Heather P.

    Not sure I could pull them off, but they do look comfortable!

  • andrieya

    Cher could have rocked those with her black and white balmain suit fo sho!

  • http://www.thelitteblackblog.com thelittleblackblog

    Sorry, those are gross. They should be burned along with every Adidas slipper left in this world.

  • pemora

    i really love these. i could picture them with really slim, cropped pants or, heck, a stretchy pencil skirt!

    • Leandra Medine

      With you on the slim trousers. I think in white.

  • http://madamecouture.blogspot.com/ Emma Hager

    They’re beautiful. I’m having a really hard time finding the ugly part. But then again I’m originally from Berkeley (see: men in Tevas w/ socks to work, Birkenstocks for everything, etc) so maybe my ability to sense ugliness in footwear is missing anyhow.

  • Alba B.

    No thanks Leandra, even if you would give me the flippers with 80$. I would rather prefer continue wearing the adidas though!!!!

  • Erin

    They are A-M-A-ZING! You got me searching all over the web for them yesterday.. I can totally see them paired with white slim cropped pants!

  • Ines

    They’re amazing