Uh oh

Uh oh

I get it, they’re over, but are they? I think I love white leather. (via Isabel Marant)

  • erica wright

    YESSSS they are so not over long live the orthopaedic sneakers for sure

    • http://herInfernalmajesty.com/ Her Infernal Majesty

      I agree! They are not over. I predict another 2 seasons of Wedge sneaker awesomeness.

  • Shulie

    I don”t know what to believe anymore MR!

  • alice

    over, shmover… seriously who cares? They look great!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mylilsunshin3 Rebecca Sunshine

    they are way to comfy, practical, and funky to be over. i say we keep rocking our isabel marant sneakers until they perish like the dinosaurs xx

  • k