Two Important Things

Follow Man Repeller | March 28, 2013

The first is a question.

#1: Do I look like a bird (because that was earnestly my intention)?

#2. I know you’re looking at my forehead rolls (not to be confused with wrinkles) and changing your opinion on botox injections because I’m only 24 and well, what is that about, but you know what? My dad calls that very series of forehead rolls “the indentations of knowledge.” If you think hard enough, you can have them too!

Chin, chin.

  • Hahahaha. I guess I must only think every 6 – 7 months, and only ever for a few weeks at a time … then I visit my local cosmetic clinic… and I’m back to “not thinking” for another 6-7 months….. hahaha…..

  • JackieGLoves

    Where did you get that shirt? I’ts perfect!

    • Leandra Medine

      It is Etoile Isabel Marant!