Three Floor all up da flow (floor)

Follow Man Repeller | January 7, 2013

Buy your own goodies–and believe you, me, they are goodieshere.

  • Daniela Emilia Federici

    All look gorge! One question though, is it good quality? Hard to tell with new brands when you or your friends are too chicken to make the first purchase!

  • M.

    Dear Leandra – where EXACTLY can we get these? The links do not lead to these particular items (or are they long gone?) 🙁 ……Please help!

    • Leandra Medine

      M! I’m not sure where Three Floor is sold in te U.S. other than on Shopbop which is why I linked to that site. I ordered these particular pieces directly from overseas but my guess is that they’ll be dropping any moment

  • M.

    Bummer! (I love the skirt and embellished pieces). Thanks for getting back to me :-).

  • Sarah

    You can buy on Asos! We have more styles landing this week…

    • M.

      Thanks Sarah! 🙂

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