These shoes

Follow Man Repeller | March 18, 2013

Have forced me to come to terms with the fact that I really want a tattoo. Why? Because how else are plastic sandals supposed to make a transcending point about the person wearing them if not for a subtle but conspicuous tattoo? Also, if these shoes could talk, what do you think they’d say? I’m going with, “Cinderella was boring as fuck. Where be Rooney Mara?”

Givenchy sandals, $1250.

  • Marina Casapu
  • Vignette

    I remember Carrie buying 450$ shoes which was seen as ridiculously expensive. This is just absurd

    • Martine

      Which was seen as ridiculously expensive by a woman who recently had a child, but used to spend that kind of money on shoes all the time. You are taking it out of context a bit. The whole point is that its expensive, but for people who really love them it is worth it. Just like any other luxury. Some people would never spend a hundred dollars on shoes, but would gladly spend thousands to travel around the world, even though they would probably just see some buildings the guide showed them. Everyone has their luxuries.
      I would much rather spend some cash on a great pair of shoes from which I could actually get enjoyment. No need to ridicule anyone. And five hundred is a very run of the mill designer shoe.

  • sarim

    So latest and adorable shoes.These are such a great and amazing effort .

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  • MGF

    No please, Leandra, NO TATOO for Christ sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wayyy to commonnn …..

  • The Pierre Hardy look by far more chic and timeless!