The new Balance.

Follow Man Repeller | August 22, 2013

Not even that giant N could deter me. Hate it or like it?

New Balance sneakers.

  • Alba B.

    Like it forever the N one, but do I have to mention the adoration for the BLACK one on the BACK!!!! So autumn mood!!!

  • leandra medine

    I don’t like it; to me it’s just a quick trend that will go away as it came

    • Alba B.

      Respect for your thoughts, but as far as I am concern, this shape and this N sneaker, is still in fashion after all the ’80 have already past!!!
      The world is beautiful though because we are different!!!

  • Mona

    classic preppy – the better ones are made in USA if you are going all out… I like mixing New England preppy with French Bohemian. Mostly because I am French leaving in Boston and loving both classic styles.

  • Lyndria

    Stupid N!

  • Nat

    What is the reference or the model of this NB? Please!
    Something could tell me where I can shop this?

  • Sneakerhead

    To be honest I don’t like those 420’s – but New Balance are the most comfortable shoes on this planet.

    Check out this store