The New Balance, Part II
Someone mentioned that they think I’m losing it, I wouldn’t disagree but I also think I’m okay with that. In this photo, I’m taking my new New Balance sneakers for a test drive while wearing red lipstick and a purse messenger style. In case you’re wondering about the outfit credits which you probably aren’t but maybe you are, this t-shirt is Rxmance which is the same brand (and fit) as that confused Tomato tee you know I love. The jeans are Isabel Marant (OMFG, SHOCKER, I AM SO ORIGINAL) and the purse is Valentino (see previous parentheses). I am crossing my arms because I still believe that at some point in time prior to the one we’re currently sharing together, I was probably – nay, definitely – the third Olsen twin. Something happened with my pigmentation and hair color and now I’m here. So, that’s that.
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