Tell me this means something very significant for you.

Follow Man Repeller | February 22, 2013

Beanie Baby stories, go. (I for one, thought that by the time I was 21 I’d be a millionaire in light of my extensive, pristine collection. Though not photographed, I had/have plastic covers to preserve all those Ty tags.)

Mystic is probably my spirit animal.

  • I have Mystic and I always felt like it was the Beanie Baby I could most relate to. I got rid of my other Beanie Baby’s, but Mystic just stuck around. Couldn’t say bye. Needless to say….Mystic is very special to me. Childhood, adolescence and now adulthood. Thank you Man Repeller.

  • Kat

    I just remember that the Brown Bear, seemingly the simplest one of all, somehow became one of the most valuable? Why again?

  • Meggie J

    I had a dog that was a pug (forgot its name) and lost it on the streets of Toronto. Safe to say I cried for days and it was a moment that has deeply effected me since.

  • Emanuella

    Omg I thought the same thing!! Sadly not the best investment. Side note: I not only had plastic covers for the tags, but plastic boxes for the beanie babies.

  • caroline

    my brother & i sold a couple of the “valuable” ones, like the peace & princess Diana bears for a playstation. ballers. I also recently found a picture of me in a t shirt that said “show me the beanies” I’d give anything to still have that & I’d wear it every day.

    • Leandra Medine

      This really hit home for me. I wanted the Princess Diana bear SO HARD.

      • caroline

        ah, yes, the bear named after a dead princess. creepy beanie! we had a couple of them, thanks to my grandmothers rule breaking. if I ever come across them ill send one your way. assuming a part of you still aches for it. what I want to magically discover I still have is the shirt

  • Hudson Berry

    Sorry/proud to say that my Beanies’ tags were fully plastic-protected. High-five. Alas, the poor Beanies were the subjects of my emotionally harrowing soap operas. My parents claim those seminal performances convinced them I would work in film one day. They were right. And I still have them all, including Princess Diana bear….sorry I’m not sorry

  • Casey Rose

    My Beanies were subjected to long rambling assemblies. I had over 300 of the things, which made crossing the room a tricky process. My Beanie school was full of cliques. And love triangles. A great deal of love triangles. Snocap was a particular love-stricken strumpet, constantly dashing between the manly Howl and the boy-next-door Nanook. The gangs went on lots of camping trips that usually involved Snocap hanging from a cliff face (duvet cover) while Howl and Nanook battled for her love on the moor above. My mother eventually got sick of walking in and finding them humping all over the house, and made me sell them all for what felt like a measly £250. Nanook, Snocap and Howl were kept, then stolen from my bag at Heathrow Airport one holiday, causing an unnecessary amount of trauma for my 17-year-old self at the time…

  • I remember standing on line to buy the latest BB for approx 2 hours, now having countless numbers of them in plastic boxes or bags in my basement. My daughter (now 25) & nieces were obsessed! What was I thinking? My husband snickers & continues to say “I told you so”! However, every Christmas, they continue to make their mark every holiday season, when I take out THE special box of all my Christmas Beanies & place them strategically all around the Christmas Tree in my living room, on top of my lit garlanned fireplace mantle, book shelves, tables, etc. I’ve grown quite fond of them! All the rest, I’ll hold for my someday grandchildren, who I’m sure will treasure them all! June

  • I just wanted to say that my spirit animal is also a Unicorn. My friends call my top-knot a unicorn bun. It’s pretty fitting. Unicorns unite!