Stupid Selfies Part II
Remember that shirt from Asos that Amelia wrote a Best of the Internet on earlier this week? Of course you do! Why? Because it’s staring you right in the face, durrrrr. Anyway, I did what she said I would and bought the shirt immediately after she sent me a link to it. You may remember that the original version had a plaid collar and while that’s all fine and well, I am having “a moment” with stiff cotton crew necks so when the shirt arrived last night, I chopped that shit up and now, behold: I am practically wearing a Proenza Schouler/Alexander Wang hybrid thing. Clearly, I have been very scissor happy lately so…when are you going to let me cut stuff for you? The pants are by Mina + Olya (these can do it, too) and the sneakers are New Balance. Grandpas unite.
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