Social Rock Bottom
Last night, I hit it again. How? Why, you ask? Well, I took about 11 photos of myself in front of this mirror – one that those of you who follow me on Instagram have become very familiar with – and not just that, in spite of all the takes I…took (11) and the aesthetic manipulation (crossed legs? Open legs? Popped knee? Eyes in or out?) that went into making it “perfect,” the filtered version as previewed above is actually the first snap. But wait, it gets better! After having put this on and subsequently having photographed it to disseminate socially, my Saturday night plans were cancelled. So, I took it off, put on a grey cotton onesie and watched TV until I fell asleep.SOCIAL ROCK BOTTOM, FOLKS. Wearing an Isabel Marant x H&M jacket and t-shirt, Acne pants (from the mens’ department, they’re a size 44 which I believe translates into a 28), and the shoes are Christian Louboutin.
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