So would this be considered a ‘group selfie’ or just a photo of friends…? …? …?

Follow Man Repeller | August 29, 2013

I’M JUST ASKING! (And in case you’re wondering, my shirt is from Uniqlo, my skirt is from All Saints, and my necklaces are by the freak creating a bifauxcal-ocle to my right. Aka, obviously, Dannijo.

Oh, and duh, the bone colored patent leather clutch (which in my opinion resembles a dinosaur though I can’t really vouch for that first handedly) is Tonya Hawkes.

  • lilly zepeda

    oh i thought of a similar combo 4 Mbfwny! im a latinmerican fashionreporterhugefanofyouuu! hope to see u around!

  • Meredith

    But, the clutch! Where is the delicious little carrier-of-your-gum from?