Smart Thinking

Follow Man Repeller | June 4, 2013

We are likely all fairly well versed in the art of cracking an iPhone screen. Few of us, however (or maybe it’s just me) are creative enough to make like Charlotte, turn lemons to lemonade and make an iPhone deficiency a piece of art. She keenly observed that dabbing ink into the cracks on the back of her iPhone would force the ink to leak until the entire rainbow fell into full effect.

  • Hannah

    Everyone is going to crack their screens now XD!!

  • Aubrey Green

    awesome. oh – how would one send you something, a friend has a line of vintage vests and jackets, she wants to send you one? Thanks.

  • There’s a market now for iPhone cases that look like the above! Many people at school have them, so I guess they’re like the distressed denim of the phone accoutrement industry. Le pseudo-damage. “Cracked iPhone rainbow” garners such results.