Skirt on Pant on Leg

Not a Manstagram per se, but an abbreviated post fo’sho.

Let’s re-open the skirt x pants conversation. Here’s a photo Naomi took a few months ago. What do you think? I for one appreciate the prospect of hidden thighs or at the very least the elimination of shape where they are thickest and accentuation of their skinniest post. And while I know my legs are certainly not fat, there’s something to be said about the relationship most women have with their gams. Most. What do you think, does this trend have staying power? Go.

  • Fashionablecollections

    Loves it.



    that jacket is sheer perfection. when it comes to layers, clearly the more the merrier. xx

  • JNE3

    What wash/style are those Current/Elliott jeans?!  I adore them!

    • Leandra

       They are the roller jeans with rips! Am actually selling mine if you’re interested!

      • JNE3

         Oh thank you! VERY interested!  I think you’re tinier than I though…not a size 27 by chance?!

        • Leandra

           They’re a 26…but run fairly big!

  • Courtney

    If a plane crashed, and I had one item to pick to bring to my island, I’d be happy taking those shoes! Ah-MAZ-ing!

    So glad I found your site today, and can’t wait to follow along!